The Miracle of Life

I am loving being a new dad. My son makes 20 months today (and my daughter is 16 years old.) Having a toddler is sure to try any man’s patience, and there are times where I’m at my wits end, but then sometimes I see the way his eyes light up at the magic of the world around him, and it reminds me of when I used to be like that (before I became a jaded old man, lol.)

It’s good for me. It’s humbling. And it reconnects me to the miracle of life that exists in the simplest of things. I know that I will look back at these moments, maybe 15 years from now, and miss them, so I am doing my best to let go of control, and just enjoy the moment.

Anybody out there have any thoughts or wisdom to share on this topic?

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You said it all, Luke! Enjoy the family!

– Slim

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Right on Slim! Rock on my friend.

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