Tips about folk/country songs that have campfire harmonica on them

Hi, I’ve learned to play some Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Eagles songs that have harmonica on them. Also a song by Kate Wolf that has a beautiful harmonica part. Kate Wolf - Across the Great Divide - YouTube

Any tips about similar songs? It doesn’t have to be great songs, just great harmonica parts.


Good to see ya @bjoerne22 it’s been awhile! Homeade Ice Cream by Tony Joe White!

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This might be out place, but I didn’t want to start a new thread and this one seemed close enough, so here goes:

I am currently in the middle of a camping trip in the northern part of Namibia. The wildlife is extraordinary (elepants, lions, hippos, rhinos, leopards, cheetas, kudu, oryx, wildebeest, warthogs, Springbock, zebras, and more). :zebra: :lion: :elephant: :rhinoceros:

There are very few settlements, and they have few inhabitants. Nevertheless, in Omaruru I saw a poster announcing a “Man in Black” concert at the end July. It is a Johnny Cash tribute band. I never expected to see this in such a remote area. :crazy_face: So how about some tips on “campfire songs” from some Johnny Cash hits?

– Slim :dark_sunglasses:


Wow wow wow @Slim! Everything sounds very good! Happy holiday to you!

Johnny Cash Bonfire - Songs is a good idea. I already have the matching T-shirt.

Greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Wow that sounds so fun @Slim! Man in Black is probably my favorite song of all time. I did do a lesson on Walk the Line:


Hello @Luke,
I just checked out your suggested site and checked out the different difficulty levels and briefly (tried) to play.
I also have all the harps in Low F, only Eb is missing, but it’s not bad.
It’s great fun! Also a good exercise to practice the “evil” :grimacing: bending tones.:grin:

Happy Harping!