Todd Parrott Amazing Grace

Hey @KeroroRinChou I was watching this beautiful Amazing Grace video:

And I was wondering whether Todd is playing a Parott-tuned harmonica or is he just doing the 6 over-blow. Do you happen to know?


Hi Luke @Luke

My guess is that he is using his “signature” tuned harp because I believe he said somewhere that he does not use overblows (or seldom uses them).

But @KeroroRinChou will definitely know the answer. :point_left:

– Slim :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the check. Todd is both using the 7 draw tuned down and the 6 overblow. I think he uses the 7 draw as a passing note and uses the 6 overblow for more sustained notes. I have to check with him to make sure.


I remember him saying this in his Joe Spiers harps review, “before I started playing harmonicas from Joe, I always used overblows and overdraws but I always viewed them sort of as passing notes.” He has been using these sounds more frequently since he got those harps.