Tool kits?

Hi all - sorry if this has been answered; I’m new to the forum so still learning how to navigate.

I bought two harmonica’s - Lee Oskar C major and melody maker (they were on sale in a local music store). I live in england.

I just wondered, as I am really loving them. Should I be buying a toolkit to maintain and clean them? I’ve seen some comments about running warm water through the holes, but they related to a different brand.

Just wanted to check, as being a newbie, I don’t want to damage any components.

Thank you in advance


Hello @daniel.annable2,
I have been learning on different harp models since September 2021.

The most important thing is to keep your mouth clean when playing the harp! No sugar, crumbs, beer, ONLY plain water!

My harps with a wooden body are only allowed to “shower” briefly. Then tap out lightly, briefly play the chambers in both directions and let dry with the openings (where you play) facing down. I put them on a wide hanging towel on the drying rack overnight.

The harps with plastic bodies also get a shower of lukewarm water. Sometimes they are allowed together in an inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner. Add one to two drops of detergent with water, switch on the device and then follow the same procedure as above.

I do the whole thing by feel, not every day. When I notice that the harps are starting to get difficult to play, they are rinsed briefly, which always helps so far.

Our saliva does not always have the same composition. It is affected by food, drink, or medication. So your harps will also react differently.

I hope I could help you! You will learn from your experiences!

Greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Thank you! :relaxed:

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Type “cleaning” into the search field and you’ll find all kinds of tips and opinions. I simply run mine under tap water.

Some, like @slim use ultrasonic as shown here: Tricks and Fixes - #31 by Slim


Thanks Luke.

Really want to take care of it.

I’m either doing it wrong or picking it up quite quickly! :joy: Re: the course
I was in standstill traffic today so was practicing life is a highway. Feel as though I’ve got that one nailed
I have Ableton and melodyne so I’m also recording riffs and checking them back to see if I’m close with my form ie am I hitting the right notes.
It’s not perfect yet, but at lesson 20, I’m not expecting it to be. But… it’s close and it’s only been a week!
And guess what, I am saying the yardstick vowels and EE’s and aa’s!
It really helps!