I’ve just discovered tremolo. I love melody and my heart is singing! Do you have lessons for the tremolo harp? Or, do I just adapt from what I am picking up from the diatonic 10 hole?



Hey @Nick - right on. I don’t have any lessons on Tremolo, it’s similar to diatonic, but the tuning is slightly different

So blowing and drawing plays right up the scale, and blow 4 and blow 5 are the same note.

This is the way chromatic’s are tuned as well.

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I’ve also got into Tremolo and Octave harmonicas (and Chromatic). I really like the sound and I find its fairly easy to pick up songs by ear. But I also have the book Tremolo and Octave Harmonica Method by Phil Duncan - it comes with online audio tracks.

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Awesome! If our exceptional host, Luke, has the book I’ll get it through If not, I’ll check Amazon. Thanks Jeff.

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I got it from Amazon UK.

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@jeffw Vey cool! Please let us know how you like the book.