Underrated YouTube harmonica channels

A few months ago, I discovered this amazing YouTube channel :


He’s making lots of tabs of famous (and pretty difficult) harmonica pieces :

  • Sonny Terrry
  • Big Walter Horton
  • DeFord Bailey
  • Little Walter

So if you want to improve your technical abilities (tongue-blocking, overblows…) while learning famous riffs, you have to see his videos !

And for you, what are the most underestimated harmonica channels on the YouTube platform ?


AWESOME @LostSol! I just subscribed. Really cool! Never seen anybody really break down the Deford Bailey’s Fox Chase like that before. Great resource! Thanks so much for sharing. :pray:t3:

These days I’m so busy I don’t really check out harmonica YouTube stuff very often. But when I did, I was always impressed by the plane and teaching of Ronnie Shellist.


Woaw ! Thank you for responding my post ! I’m going right now to checkout Ronnie Shellist’s channel…