Unexpected Box Shows Up

Alright, so I am outside watering the alpacas. It is 102f and they are hot and want to be sprayed by the water hose. As an alpaca is drinking from the hose, UPS shows up. I did not order anything so I keep watering the yarn and UPS dude drops off a box. After feeding the afternoon aminals, I go grab the box. It is from Guitar Center and it has my name on it. I live in a rural area, the closest Guitar Center is two hours away. It turns out that the parental units bought the box. Last week they both had eye appointments and made a day of it. They bought the item but it was shipped free because it was not in stock. Inside the box was a Fender Blues Deluxe 7 harp set. The parental units bought it as a thank you for the work I do around the farm to help them out. Now I gotta learn to play the harmonica me thinks. I have the instruments, now what? Where do I go from here?


I was gonna guess that the alpacas sent them. I have many types of instruments, a bit of everything, brass, percussion, strings, weird foreign stuff, etc. etc., and I would recommend that before you go with tutorials or anything you should spend some time alone with your harps, just try them out, experiment, and see what you can do all by yourself. The main thing you’re eventually going to need to do is to hit nice clean single notes so purse your lips, hold the harp a little sideways or whatever it takes to do that. It is extremely important to have patience and to RELAX. After that you might want to check out tutorials (I never did, on any instrument).

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@BlindFarmer CONGRATS man what a great gift! You’re off to the races, COOL! :sunglasses::notes: