Van Morrison Harmonica Boogie Live 1974

I just stumbled across this video and thought someone might enjoy it:

A lot of people don’t even know that Van Morrison plays harmonica and saxophone. What a talented man, and it’s fun to see him when he was just a young bloke.


That was great! Lots of ideas there. Some pretty sweet piano playing there too! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Thanks, Luke @Luke – I was one of those uninformed, but no longer (thanks to you!).

Some nice Little Walter influence that is really well-incorporated into the song! And I agree with @Dave_Dunn about the piano player’s stuff as well. This is music that just gets me up and jammin’ on my harp and flute (one after the other, of course :crazy_face:).

– Slim :sunglasses:


I’m a huge Carl Perkins fan, not to mention Gene Vincent.
So as a singer, I just want to wail ‘Weeeeelllll…’ :grin:


Loved the percussion.

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Right on @Slim - as long as you play harmonica BEFORE flute. :wink: I’ve always thought his harmonica solo on Bright Side of the Road is very fine:

@Dave_Dunn I’m a fan of Pine Top Perkins too! :facepunch:t3:
A guitar player named Colin Jon who always hires me to play harp with him when he’s on island used to tour with Pine Top. Crazy stories! Weeeellllll…:rofl:

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I saw “Van the Man” in Fresno in 1968, my 1st out of town rock show. He was subdued for the first half but came back after his intermission and danced like James Brown, I was hooked for life after that…