Video section

Hi all just wondering if there is a video section where we can up load a clip of us playing? that way we can get some feedback, or enjoy someone else playing, or to show progress. maybe we could all colabirate on a tune or piece of music.


The only way I know is DROPBOX. If you join DROPBOX then put your video there and copy the link to share here. If you’re outgoing you can share it with us and the world on youtube.


that’s is a shame. we can already share photos so why not video. something for the tech guys to work on.

I already have a YouTube channel. thanks for that I am not up to any standard yet. just ask my wife she turns the tv and the radio up just to drown me out.


I imagine the hosting would be more difficult and expensive. Forums like this cost heaps in dollars and time. If they contained video data as well could be unmanageable.


Hi @tickman1

This has been brought up several times in the past. As @toogdog says, it is just too expensive for the forum (videos are quite large files that also require larger storage capacities).

Well there is the solution. If you feel that you are not expert enough to publish videos to the world of yourself playing the harmonica, then simply upload the video to your YouTube channel and make it “private” so that only persons with the correct link can view it. Then publish that link here on the forum. I doubt that the “world” will discover it here. :laughing: Many forum members have done exactly that already, and others have used Dropbox or a personal homepage (provided by the company that supplies their internet service – which often comes with some free storage space for storing your pictures, videos or whatever).

Don’t be shy – and waiting until you can rival Jason Ricci, Ronnie Shellist, @Luke or other artists might mean that you never put out a video for other enthusiasts to view. :roll_eyes: And that would be a shame!

– Slim :sunglasses:


Hello @tickman1,
I followed exactly the path suggested by @Slim. Also because I was never a fan of Dropbox and have logged out again.

Of course, I had to take a closer look at YouTube, as it means much more knowledge than just playing videos.
I find the “psychology of people” who watch or listen to videos very interesting and sometimes amusing. My channel is now public and as a little beginner on the harp I am very satisfied. I am not active on other channels or social media channels.

Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


thank you all for your feed back it is much appreciated. I just wanted to know.


Yes @tickman1 I was gonna say the same thing as @Slim simply upload it to your YouTube channel and share the link here. Let’s see/hear what you’ve been up to! We would all love it! If you’re wanting feedback on anything but are too shy to post it here, you can send it to me privately, and I’m happy to give you feedback.

@Slim thanks for putting me in the same sentence as Jason Ricci and Ronnie Shellist. You made my day. So sweet! :kissing_heart::notes: