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What key harp does a harp player use to accompany guitar player in Em ? or Am, or Gm; the 3 keys they play in mostly.?
And, HOW do U figure that out ?

Thanks, Jesse , harpin in Orlando, FL


See my reply to your original post.

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@josher33 You might be happiest just to pick up Natural Minor harmonicas in those keys if you can afford it!

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Em is A, Am is D, Gm is C, second position is a fourth from the root, the root is the key, like Em, minor is a flatted third, major is a third, E the third is Eflat (D# enharmonic) and the fifth is B, in minor chord Em, root, flatted third is D and fifth remains B.

G, Aflat (G#), A, Bflat (A#), B (Cflat), C (B#), Dflat (C#), D, Eflat (D#), E, F (E#), Gflat (F#) and back to G

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