What to Do With Inherited Harmonicas?

I’m not a harmonica player, but my father was. He passed away about six years ago and I’ve since inherited his collection of instruments. Several of them are high-end chromatics, and I’d like to get them into a serious player’s hands, but I’m not sure the best route to do so. eBay? Craigslist?

Among others, I have a Hohner 7565 Meisterklasse, a Super 64X, and a Seydel (?) Renaissance. All are well used, and certainly not in “mint” condition, but they all seem to function correctly.

Any advice would be most welcome, and if this kind of post is prohibited here, I apologize to the moderators, who are welcome to close it. I’m just looking for a direction to take at this point, not soliciting offers.


@TJWatty - hey thanks for the post. Sorry for the delay. Yeah, probably Craigslist, eBay, or Reverb.com. Most people on this forum are into diatonic. So probably won’t find a buyer here…

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