What's that whistlin' noise?

2008 Dodge Ram with 180k miles on it, a plastic harmonica, and some zip ties. I think you can see where this is headed. The truck belongs to the parental units. I do not have a drivers license so I can not drive the truck to test it first. The engine has a good sized clutch fan so if the engine is running, the fan is pulling air through the radiator. As a harmonica newbie, I have noticed something. It seems that a harmonica responds more to air pressure than air volume. The fan and/or moving air as you drive the truck is more about air volume or CFM. I do not think this will work, but I am goona try it anyway. You gotta love comedy. I started the truck and at idle you could feel the air moving but could not hear the harmonica. What will happen at 25, 45, or 70 MPH?, I dunno. Funny part is the parental units know nothing about it. I did this while feeding the morning aminals…and they were sleep. :grin:




Yes, it did work but only while moving. A bit of fun, plus it does not hurt anything. I have a device called a TV B Gone. It looks like an iPod. It is small and you can palm it. It has 8 IR LEDs in it. When you press the button, it batch fires thousands of tv on/off codes. Turn off any annoying tv at a doctors office, Walmart, bank, whatever. :grin: One of the funniest uses was at a fast food joint. The places using tv monitors as a menu board. Eat a sammi h in the dining area, turn off the menu screen with people in line. Listen to the people wonder why the power went out even though the lights are still on. LOL

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