What's the Standard Range of Harmonica Keys

Hi, i’m not sure how to word this question so i’ll type slowly. In the normal order of keys would the A harp be considered the lowest and the G highest? What im asking i guess is if i wanted an F or G harp that was below the standard C (i.e., not really shrill) would i buy a Low F or Low G. Would the normal F and G harps be tuned above the standard C?


Hello @chris3 ,

for our harmonicas, “G” is the lowest key and “F” is the highest.
A diatonic “G” harp has a very pleasant sound to the ear, even in the upper notes.
An “F” harp also sounds very good, but is very high, which not everyone likes.

Regards from Astrid


Gotcha, so really i should think of the scale range as going from G to F with the Low F harp being one interval below the standard G and the low G being a whole octave lower down in the bass range?


:pray: , chris3!

Do you know a keyboard?

Please look at it with the note assignment. There is C’, C", C’" going to the right (white keys). Here you will also find the normal notes of a C harp.

If you go to the left on the keyboard you will also find these notes, only in a lower, lower, lower pitch. There are also the so-called low harps.

This is all part of music theory. I also invested time in learning the harp in practice.:wink:

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Yes i understand music theory but i suspect im not explaining myself very well. I’ll try it another way. So lets assume the C harmonica is equivalent of middle C. I am making the assumption that the standard F harmonica is three intervals ABOVE the C harmonica and is the highest pitched (and probably quite shrill). What i was unsure of is whether the G harmonica was a further interval higher again or whether it was three intervals BELOW the C harmonica and therefore the lowest pitched harmonica in the standard range. That being the case I assume the low F harmonica would be tuned one interval below the G harmonica and all other low key harmonicas descending below that. Am I making sense or should I call the nurse for more meds?


Maybe if you take a look at the Bend It Better Tool page all will be clear? The ‘drop down’ harmonica key selector has all the possibilities listed in order.


I think you are on the right track and yes, Low F is just below G :v: