When did you first love a harp?

Because I think I’m getting there with mine :slight_smile:

I’m about 6 weeks after it dropped on my doormat but just over this last week or so everything has seemed to start to become easier, sweeter, more often than not it’s making noises that sound like I think it should sound (except for when I’m being sloppy or getting lost on the harp initiating those honking unintended notes - all part of learning)

Mine is a Seydel session std (i.e. brass reeds, not the session steel reed model) and it came with a beginner booklet that was very good (pitched about right in terms of content to get you going) and I did struggle at times, convinced mself there were problems with it (yeah, user error :wink: of course) but we’ve come through to the point where I’m convinced we’re going to be pals.

So, what the moment like for you when you first truely bonded with the harp in you hand?


Hello @Piglet,
I particularly like my harps because I can often spontaneously replay a song I’ve heard. This means that I know where to find the right notes on the different keys of my harps without having to search.

Since then I also like to improvise my own songs.

Best Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Never played an instrument in my life until my brother bought me a hohner ozzy Osborne display harmonica kast Xmas . I thought I’d give it a blast around march time and picked up learning techniques really quick and just love playing . I’ve developed a nack of being able to pick up a song by ear and able to play along quite quick !! Which is great at bbq’s and in beer gardens , people seem to be impressed :roll_eyes: hehehe .
Treated myself to a special 20 and love it to pieces . My old ozzy harp works fine but sp20 seems to give me more confidence. Performed on a pub stage twice now with a pal on ukulele and him singing . Been fantastic !! My pal and me have around 6 songs we can do confidently now and quite a few more in the pipe line !! I’m 51 and learning the harmonica has given me a new lease of life . My social group of friends can’t believe I’ve only been playing a few months , but I keep telling them “your never to old to learn something new” :wink:


That’s awesome mate.