Where best to do gassing (breath in or out through nose)?

Hello everyone. I am in Module 2 Lesson 4 of Beginner to Boss. It has blowing for a count of 3 and drawing for a count of one. I am wondering if there is a best place in the bar to do a quick draw through the nose to balance out my air?

Yes, great question! When you draw in through the harmonica for the one count, draw in through your nose at the same time. This is a technique I refer to as “in-gassing.”

Also, confirm that you are not breathing out your nose when you’re blowing. You can confirm this for yourself by pinching your nose when you play.

If you’re not breathing out of your nose while blowing, and you are breathing in through your nose when drawing, I think you’ll find it much easier to equalize your lung pressure.

Rock on!