Where can I find cover screws for COMET - M - Hohner Harmonica C - G

I have a COMET - M - Hohner Harmonica C - G (Made in Germany) from my dad’s estate. It is missing cover screws on one side. I’d like to repair it and give it to a young man here in town that plays Harmonica in a local Country Band.

Can anyone direct me to where I might find the screw set?

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Hello @conniejo,
first of all, welcome here to the forum.
I do not know where you are living. But country band sounds like America.
You can get the right screws for Hohner Comet Harps online from Hohner shops, possibly via eBay.
I don’t know the price range.
We also had the topic of screws here in the forum a few weeks ago. But I don’t remember which brand/model. It wasn’t cheap in terms of price.

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I would contact Hohner in Germany. They have been in business for decades. My experience with them has been very good from a customer service standpoint. They may still keep some in inventory or if not be able to supply you with a set of screws that will solve your problem. If you are interested you could ask them if they would go through the harmonica and get it playing again. Replacing the comb would be something to consider as well.

Also you can call Rockin Ron and explain your situation. He is very helpful. He has a great tech that works on harps that need any sort of service done. His name is Dennis and Ron can provide you with his phone number. He is very through, does things right and is more than fair on his service fees. I doubt any harmonica leaves his shop that is not exactly right. The old school guys " do it right" guys are still out there and Dennis is one of them.

Hope this helps