Which Harp should be next

Good day harpoon players,

I have a set of 7 Hohner Marine Band 1896 representing the standard set; A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G. What is left to have a full set of 12 is the other flat keys and the B. I am wondering, which harp should I get next, Ab, B, Db, Eb, F#?

I want to complete the set of 12 and I’m not sure which to buy next. Any suggestions,



Hi Don @DonC,

It really does not matter since you wish to get all 12 anyway, and you already have the correct harps for most songs.

So I would suggest considering whether you prefer playing harps that have lower tuning or higher tuning and decide accordingly. If you prefer lower tuned harps then also consider getting a Low F or Low D to see if you like those since, even though you already have the normal F and D harps, these are really beautiful for chordal accompaniment or even really emotional sounding blues or gospel solo work. :point_left:

– Slim :sunglasses:


Hey @DonC! Yes, I agree with what @Slim says, and in particular I like the LF because the F harmonica is so high.

Sorry you as which of the 5 to get, and the answer is, there are more than 5 to get! :rofl:

I like playing lower tuned harps betters, so of the keys you mention, I like Ab and B the best. (and F# if it’s register is lower than a regular G harmonica.)

Rock on,

Rock on,