Why don't harps come with different top and bottom cover plates?

I carry my harp in my pocket so I can quick-draw and dazzle my grandson in an instant. Unfortunately, about 1/4 of the time I pull it out and end up playing it upside down. Oops!
To fix that, I put a strip of magic tape on the top surface so I can feel the difference without looking. I also start the tape strip at hole 4 and end it on 8 to help my aim. That works but it sure looks hokey!

It seems like top and bottom covers could easily be made distinctive, by changing the color, or surface finish, or adding some bumps (holes 4 and 7?). Does anyone to this?
Am I the only person in the world with this issue? :slight_smile:


Some of. Mine have distinct numbers on them along the top. It helps but I still start upside down occasionally. I also use tape to mark the 2draw so i know when I’m on it. I was wondering if a bit of nail polish on one end would help? You could quickly see the left or right then.


Hello @Jeff_Engineer and @toogdog,
Holding the harp upside down? Seems to be my hobby :rofl:. I have specially marked my harps. Although the harps mostly have well recognizable numbers and marked the tone on the right. But I don’t look at it! :woman_shrugging: Then I laugh out loud, say “oh no” and turn the harp correctly. Will probably be my trademark!
In the first few weeks I also marked the 6th note with tape. Now I don’t need it anymore.


Some of mine have a different screw on top and bottom, so I can just feel when I cup my hands around it if something is wrong.

But I’m also curious to know why there isn’t a small homing bump like on computer keyboards or something :slight_smile:


Leo, A small homing bump would be handy for those of us still "harmonically challenged. " :slightly_smiling_face:
My accordion has a depression on the “C” button to differentiate it from the other 119 bass buttons. I’d be useless without it. At least I can’t accidentally play my accordion upside down.
Astrid, I, too, don’t look at the marks. I’m getting far sighted and don’t carry my glasses with me. I just grab it out of my pocket and play - and then say “oops” !

I really like these ideas. I am going to try putting a small bump of clear epoxy on the top cover at the 4 position. That way I can whip it out of my pocket and be instantly ready to perform a rousing rendition of A Ram Sam Sam for my grandson!


Hello @LeoJ,
maybe because harps have been around longer than computers? I’m glad that we’re sticking with the tried and tested.

Otherwise we would soon have a = porridge.

WE just have to get used to it. :wink:


lol yeah that’s a fair point!


@Jeff_Engineer, as I read your post, I remembered when I had first gotten my Special 20 in Db. In the first few days that I had it, I dropped it as I was walking around and it hit a rock. Much to my surprise :astonished: it made a small dent on the bottom plate.

Similar to getting a scratch on a new car, I was disappointed to see the dent in my shiny new harp.

In time I have learned to value that dent since I can easily feel when I have it right side up or upside down.

While putting a dent in our harps purposely may not be for the faint of heart, I have considered doing so on my other harps which I am more apt to play upside down.

Cover plates with a unique feel from bottom to top would be ideal.

Great idea :bulb: :wink: :+1:

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