1st Position High Note Soulfulness a la John Nemeth

Ever heard of John Nemeth? Me either. Not until a forum member gave me heads up about and boy am I glad he did… John’s not only a great Blues player, but he also nails 1st position playing with soul.

:point_right: Tip: No idea what positions are? Here’s a quick primer for you.

Wanna bust out some of that high note love? You’ll need to work on your blow bends. Luckily, if you can do draw bends, blow bends are the same mouth position. Try making a “Kyuh” or “Tyuh” mouth shape on blows 7,8,9, and 10 and see if you can get some little bends happening.

To get your bearing up there, the 1st position Major Pentatonic scale is a great place to start (tabs)

:arrow_heading_up: Ascending: 7 -8 8 9 -10 10

:arrow_heading_down: Descending: 10 -10 9 8 -8 7

And for Next Level players, if you’re getting the blow bends, check out the 1st position Blues Scale (tabs):

:arrow_heading_up: Ascending 7 8’ -9 9’ 9 10” 10

:arrow_heading_down: Descending 10 10” 9 9’ -9 8’ 7

If you get both of those scales under your belt, you’re ready to bust out some serious high note soul :facepunch:

Got both those scales down, and still wanna take to the next level? Check out Boogie on Reggae Woman.

Rock on,