Harmonica Tabs for Boogie On Reggae Woman (Ab Harmonica, 1st Position)

Here are my harmonica tabs for Stevie Wonder’s Harmonica solo on Boogie on Reggae Woman, Played in 1st position on an Ab harmonica. You have to have a really good command of your blow bends and have a handle on the top octave of the harmonica in order to tackle this solo.

My tabs are a bit weird because I copied them from my old Funkharp channel lesson on the song, and I wrote them before I learned the best way to write harmonica tabs from the good folks at Harmonica.com.

The best way is simply the hole number for a blow, and a minus sign before the hole number for a draw. How I have them written here is a plus sign after the number for a blow and and minus sign after the number for a draw.

And then instead of notating bends, I wrote what I’m doing with my mouse to achieve the bends. Hopefully this is helpful. If it’s not, LMK and I can try and go back in and update the tab with all the correct bends.

Here’s from my original lesson vid:

1st Phrase:

8+ (tyuh tyuh) 8- 7+ 7+ 8+(tyuh) 8- 7+ 8- 7+ 6-(oh-ee-oh) 5-

6-(oi) 7+

“Can I play?”

2nd Phrase: 7+ 7+ 8- 8+(tyuh, tyuh) 9+ 8+(tyuh) 8+(tuh-ee) 7+ 8-
8+(tyuh) 7+

“Can I PLAY?”

3rd Phrase: 7+(ta ta) 8+(toh-ee ta) 9+(toh-ee-ta) 8+(toh-ee)

7+(ta ta) 8+(toh-ee ta) 9+(toh-ee-ta) 8+(toh-ee-ta) 9+(tyuh) 9- 9-
8+(tyuh) 7+ 8+(tuh-ee) 7+

4th Phrase: 10+(tyuah) 9+(ta ta teyuh) 9- 8+(h)

10+(tyuh) 9+(tyuh) 9+(tuh-ee) 8+ 9-(tyuh) 8+(tyuh ta) 7+

This is the harmonica solo in this part of the song:

Rock on,

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