Amp advice (UK)

Hi. I’m in the UK so guess at a disadvantage in terms of amp choice compared to USA (often they state no shipping to UK). That said, I would appreciate any sensible advice on a potential amp that would be powerful enough to be used with a band. I have no idea what size watt that would be. I would ultimately love the Chicago crunch/dirty sound but also have the option to play clean. Ignore any budget with your advice, I just require options at this stage. I play through a bulletini with volume control. Many thanks.


Depends on how loud the band is and what venues you play. Smaller crunchy amps are good (and cheaper), but will need a PA channel (and line out or mic) in anything bigger than a room - and some small venues don’t have much of a PA. Big amps are great, but are expensive and heavy. I went for the middle ground - a HarpGear 35 - 35 all tube watts with twin 10 inch speakers and a line out. Works well for a medium room (with a not-excessively-loud pub rock band), but is small enough for room size gigs and can be PA’d when we play stadiums (as if!). Transport from Florida can be expensive (US$400 for the shipping to Australia), but I love my HG35.


Thanks Maka. Venues will be pubs in the Uk which are usually cramped. Appreciate your advice.


Nice to see ya @tess848ducati it’s been awhile! Did you see this?

I recommend the HOG stuff if you can get. Otherwise, you could pick up a MonoPrice and swap out the tubes to AY7’s. I’ve yet to do that on my amp, but plan to!

Hope that helps?

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