Dabell harps

I have heard these harps are a good playing harp? Has anybody tried or own one? If so what do you think? My Crossovers are good but playing single notes is tougher than my Osker. The Osker is somewhat bulky but is better for single notes. it seems the Osker requires more air and some of the notes a bit less sharp, especially 6-10. Breathing is somewhat more difficult for me with the Osker.



Hi Scott @scott4

I have never tried a DaBell, but there are several reviews on YouTube by qualified harpists that you can find. Here are just a few recent ones that I think might get you started:

also from Jonah Fox (Dabell Noble starts at 26:26)

Take your time and look around for other reviews. I know that you prefer plastic combs, and the DaBell Contender has a plastic or ABS comb, while the DaBell Noble has a wood comb.

– Slim :sunglasses:


Not a huge fan…