First video and harp game for you

Thanks for your replies @toogdog and @Slim

Very good ideas on making tabs more beneficial to me. I especially like the idea of circling the draws and have thought about setting them up on a scale, where they go up and down with the tones, but wait a minute. I think someone has already invented that, it’s called sheet music!!! :laughing:

Giving each step a color would also be interesting. Could go around the circle of fifths as if it were a color wheel, giving each color a tone, allowing for blending them with our bending.

I appreciate the other comments also from others here as to sharing our harp playing with others who are learning. When I think about posting a video here it definitely makes me up my game and concentrate much more than I normally do on trying to get a song just right. Normally, with most songs I learn, I’m content to hammer out the main chorus lines and them just keep repeating them until the neighbors complain.

I liken music a lot to spoken language. There are many ways to say a sentence, and just as many to play a melody. Many of them sound okay, some sound spectacular, and others leave you scratching your head, wondering what the heck happened, even if you got the right notes. What I do know is that when it sounds right in our head, instinctively our mouths can learn to create that sound, and when it’s off, it just sounds bad, this tends to happen quite a lot as we learn, at least in my case.

Most songs I learn just by trying to recreate the sounds. The trouble is usually finding the launching point on the harmonica, but once you do, then all of a sudden it just starts to sound right. I will work more on tabs, because I’m sure it will open an entirely new world to just listening for the changes, playing hit or miss.

Thanks to @AstridHandbikebee63 for taking my challenge and then making her own :wink:


I couldn’t be more proud @AstridHandbikebee63. You’re rendition very much made me think of Italy. And I love that inspired @HarpinBobbyMcB to play it too. I’M LOVING IT! Makes my day.

The more we share our playing with others, the easier it becomes for us to do so, and that is a great thing because the world desperately needs more live music, now more than ever. :notes:


:bowing_woman:, I am honored! You are a gracious teacher. :pray:


I’ve listened to both renditions now, both have a slightly different feel. @AstridHandbikebee63 s’ version is very haunting, whereas @HarpinBobbyMcB has a stronger feel, but evokes a feeling of loneliness.
I like them both! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Now to see if I can play it! :grimacing:

Edit - I looked for a copy of the song, because I didn’t really have the tune in my mind, this one seems like it suits harmonica, if others are interested in learning the song, and need another guide.


this video is known to me. But I think it lives in the expression of the instruments used here.


It certainly does @AstridHandbikebee63 , your versions brings it to life!
I wanted a reference with backing instruments, so I could better sing the melody in my head, but some just left me more confused because they had too much backing going on.