Harmonica Cases

G;Day All
Just putting it out there to the masses! Can anyone recommend a harmonica case?
I’m starting to get quite the collection of harps and just leaving them on the desk in the office is not the preferred option. I currently have about 10 but i’m not stopping there by a long shot!
I guess a case that can hold around 15 harps would be ideal and i can always buy another case, or two LOL !


Hey There - for that many harps the Hohner case is a good bet. I used to roam with one of those and maybe a soft Lee Oskar 8-holder case (you could also go with two of those?)

You can find amazing custom harp case makers on Facebook.

I love my Seydel case! If you’re looking to acquire another 15 harps over the next few years, it could be a good option for you!

You can wee what I’m talking about in my Harmonica Case forum post.

Rock on,


Thanks @Luke
That Seydel case looks awesome! Looks like you don’t have enough harps as well :crazy_face:


I made one out of a repurposed cassette case - perfect for 8 harps.