Harmonica Fam - Boomer Plays "Crawdad Hole"

Hey guys - brother Boomer posted a video for me to check out his playing. Just a short little diddy called Crawdad Hole and I love the hillbilly vibe so much. Thought y’all might enjoy it as well. Love your playing Boomer!

BTW - at the beginning of the title of this post I wrote “Harmonica Fam” (fam is an abbreviation for family, and this is the nickname I’ve given to our community here on the forum.) If anyone else wants to post vids of themselves playing on YouTube share the link here and put “Harmonica Fam” at the beginning of the title so they can all be in one place in the index (you can make the link private if you don’t want people outside of the forum watching the vid.)

Rock on,


Love this :slight_smile:

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