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Hey, I’m Keith H. My goal is to be able to play songs competently in a variety of genres (r&b, jazz, rock, blues, etc), to entertain my friends and myself. I’ve been playing for a couple months so far. I had started on a different harmonica course and thought I had made decent progress and considered going straight to the Blues course but then thought it might be a good idea to do Beginner to Boss to reinforce what I learned and get more solid. Wow, what a great decision, I’ve been learning so much more in BTB- music theory, musicianship, plus improving my technique. So far, I’ve been going through BTB pretty fast since I didn’t start from zero (and I spend way to much time practicing! :crazy_face:) but I still plan to go back to review some trickier lessons and scales again. Plus, I’m on my second pass through the excellent music theory module. I really appreciate what Luke has laid down in these lessons - really excellent stuff.


Hi Keith @KeithH

It sounds like you are doing the right approach. And you can never practice enough!

As far as playing jazz goes, I would say that is probably your most difficult goal. The diatonic Richter harp can be used for jazz (especially easier pieces) but otherwise it typically requires using the quite difficult to learn advanced methods of “overblow” bending and “overdraw” bending. I personally think it is easier to try playing jazz on a chromatic harp.

In addition it seems that music theory is most important for jazz music, although (as mentioned) easier pieces are more approachable. Check out some of the YouTube videos by Filip Jers to hear some terrific jazz played on both types of harps!

– Slim :sunglasses:


Thanks for the feedback slim! I think I better put any jazz aspirations and advanced techniques on hold for a bit… right now I can bend but not with the speed, accuracy, or confidence necessary to move on to overblows and overdraws. So, more time in the woodshed for me and more simple stuff!


Well, Keith @KeithH, I hope that you continue to have jazz as one of your goals – I was just worried that you might have it at the very beginning of your list of goals and might be so disappointed that it is so difficult to reach that you would simply quit playing the harp!

Keep working on your lessons from @Luke and continue your practicing – who knows how far you might eventually get? Perhaps another Filip Jers???

– Slim :sunglasses:


G’day, I’m a 52 year old musician from South Australia, and have been in working bands since 1986, up until 2019. Now I’m recording the originals from years ago, but playing everything myself, except drums, although if I had a kit, I’d be playing them too. I’m usually a lead singer, but often playing bass or rhythm guitar, and sometimes playing the drums, if the drummer wants to sing, or in the case of one drummer, wants to play harp. The only thing I haven’t done, is play lead breaks. I bought saxophones, but then had my teeth pulled out to get dentures, so that stopped my progress, such as it was. I’m now learning to play harmonica, diatonic, but I unknowingly bought a Marine Band in harmonic C minor, and loved jamming with it, before having any lessons at all. I’m going to try to get some lead breaks down with minor harmonicas, just because it might be more unique, and work on the regular diatonic blues harp playing for rhythm parts.
Catch up soon!


Hello, my name is Donald. I’m 77 years old and learning to play the harmonica to keep my brain sharp. I’ve had other music training on both piano and trumpet. I bought a Hohner Special 20 in C and have been playing about a month now.


Hey @harveybabes. I started the course back in March, so I have been practicing sporadically since then as life keeps getting in the way. Not sure I’d call that playing yet. I do find it relaxing when I do practice. I also would like to jump straight into playing certain songs, but I am trying to be disciplined enough to get the fundamentals down first and go straight through the B2B course. Keep harping!


Hi Donald @dowap

77 is a cool number! And the Special 20 is a cool harp for playing some serious music! :+1:

You’re not the oldest among us, as I believe at least one other currently active player is older and several of us are chasing you – so don’t look back or one of them will overtake you.

– Slim :sunglasses:


Thanks Slim. It’s good to know I’m in such fine company.


I just was scrolling thru the threads and saw the picture of your echo. It looks like the one i had but lost last month in a house fire. I miss it luckily i had my great grand fathers and the first harmonica i ever picked up in my backpack and they survived but they sure are not a echo. I believe mine was key of C and G.
Man anyone sounded good when the played that echo. I sure do miss it.
But recently i splurged and picked up a cheap 5 set of harmonicas. I do like them. I am playing songs that i couldn’t before because i have different keys now. Specifically C, G, D, E and A. I’m going to see if i can figure out how to attach a couple pictures 1 of my first harmonica and my grand dads and the other of my new set.
Still learning how to use a forum. Learning experience just like learning the harmonica.

OK no go figure out how to put the photos in post but Damm phone keeps saying low memory can’t do it sorry. Maybe in the near future.

Have s great day.


I’m sorry i was suppose to introduce myself before anything else. Couldn’t help commenting seeing that echo though.
Anyone who just wants to put a harmonica in their lips and play and sound like you know what your doing that is the harmonica. Wow i was amazed when i started playing.

Well anyhow my name is Patrick i am 43 and live in the Devils Armpit better known as Hell or Phoenix Az, USA.

I picked up a harmonica going on two years ago now and I’m still doing what i can to learn. Always trying to learn new things and better myself even if its just a hobby or past time. I am trying to learn to read notes and understand a harmonicas score or scale. And learn how to take a song that i like and convert it from what i hear on YouTube or my music app and be able to lay out the score with lyrics and also the tab for harmonica. So I’m learning basic music and all that which is so fun but i am enjoying finding mew apps and programs to help me in my search for the gold prize. Lol

But i am still in my own eye a beginner i have still yet to master bends or overblown. Still have trouble with verbatim and even with the tempo of songs I’m not furmilure with and even some i know.

I stayed out playing this Hohner Big River Harp and when i was passed down my grand dads harp a Dixie Echo and about the same time getting ahold of the echo that i was speaking of and just recently getting a.5 pack of Honor Blues. I enjoy just playing and seeing what comes of where the notes and my feelings will take me.

The harmonica is a huge and useful tool for dealing with my mental health and life in general.,

Thank you for the forum and goving me a place to bring my questions and problems to do with harmonica and music


Hey Keith - I’m so happy to hear that the course is resonating with you, and I applaud you for your commitment and promise you it will yield wonderful results for you and your listeners. I’m like you - I’ve always devoured musical resources. If I didn’t understand something someone said about some theory thing, I’d watch it as many times as I needed to until it’d start to make sense. Keep on playing, and welcome again to the forum! :sunglasses:

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Hey Dave - welcome to the forum, mate! So you’ve got a HARMONIC minor tuned harmonica? That’s some good fun. I do love the harmonica minor harmonica, though I must say I rarely play it.


Hey Patrick - welcome to the forum. Very happy to have you here my friend. Those are cool looking harps with the black comb and black cover plates. I think you said they’re Hohner Blues Harps? But I know that can’t be right. What are they?

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G’day, thanks for the response!
I bought the Marine Band second hand thinking it was in C, and received my new Special 20 on the same day.
When I put backing tracks on, I could definitely tell the difference!
I tried a backing track in C, rather than G, and the harmonic minor just flowed for me. Mostly, the notes were about where I thought they’d be, so it was pretty easy to bullshit a note here and there!
So I’m going to look at learning regular blues harp as more of a rhythm instrument, and just go silly with the minor scale harps.
You don’t know until you try! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Hi, I’m Rusty, from the UK. I played harmonica very briefly as a kid, I had a Hohner Pocket Pal. I recently took up harmonica again, and found an old Pocket Pal on ebay. I also have a Suzuki Easy Rider in D, I got given. The high end reeds don’t sound too great on the PP but the low end is fine, the opposite is true of the Suzuki. So, I have a Marine Band in C on order. I have picked up a few riffs, but look forward to learning more. It’s my daughter’s birthday next week so I’m hoping to have Happy Birthday down to a tee, so I can send her a video!


Hey Rusty - welcome to the forum! if you haven’t already, be sure to watch Luke’s Happy Birthday video - It’s really got some excellent tips and variations. (Of course there are ways to play happy birthday at a lower octave if this is too hard as a beginner):


. . . Greetings Harmonicators -(did i just invent that word?)-

Long~Time Portland, OR Drummer/Percussionist via
Deetroit, MIchigan/Motown! Circa: 1965-68…Got bit by a
“Drum~Bug” & was infected by the Soulful Hits pumpin’
non-stop out of “Hitsville USA”/Motown! Then there was
12yr Little Stevie Wonder!!! with his Chromatic Harmonica
playin’ his #4 Chart-Hit: “Fingertips Pt-2” - Genius!

Forward +/- 5yrs - see LEE OSKAR “LIVE” in Spokane, WA
playin his Hot Harps with the Infamous World~Sounds of WAR!
(one of my fav bands!) . . . Was a Fantastic Show!!

Learned to play The Recorder <not hard@all!>, then got a cheap
portable keyboard, then a nice Hamer short-scale Bass Guitar Pkg
w/sweet xtras!!! > . . . Lotsa Practice Ahead…

Goto: The . . . Rest . . . of the Story . . . in Profile

. . . Glad 2b here Harmoni-cats/cators : = ))>

. . . ~ ENJOY & ADIOS ~ “Luckii-J” ~


Hey “Crafty” or is it “Shady” ?!?
You WILL ii Promise…be H A P P Y w/yer LEE OSKAR!!!: = ))>
Have had one for almost a year (1st one) & FANTASTICx10+
The Sound is Sooo ECHOish - Brilliant & Clear!!! Lovin’ IT…
Hope yers turns out as nice as mine…am sure it willl…

You can tell by just looking @ Lee’s Harp that there was
some Real Thought put into the making of it. He’s made
a Harp that is Stunningly Above The Rest of The Pack!

&&& If you haven’t seen LEE OSKAR <Danish/me too> then
yer in for a Great Treat…He IS One of The Very Best & has an
interesting bent in that being European he has a wide variety
of those kind of Old Country Folk Songs etc. His welcoming
Harp Pkg did not cost that much as I recall yet then my
memory cells are starting to spark & think it was over $40.
Please let us know how you enjoy Lee’s brand : = ))> ty!

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I was just reading a bit about the Prison Song from Graham Nash and they say it is best played on a Minor tuned harmonica. I can seem to get the melody of the song pretty good on most of my harps, but the solos in the song are beyond my ability or harp selection now.

I’d love to hear if you can nail it with a Minor tuned harmonica.