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Hello, my name is John Reffitt, my friends call me “Creeper”…i bought your happy harpin course and fell in love! So i bought your beginner to boss and breakthrough blues! Im enjoying my journey so far! Im not really sure where to go next…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


I’m Alojz Peterle, former Prime Minister of Slovenia and former MEP. I got my first harmonica in 1955. In April 2019 my last speech in the EP was Ode of Joy. Europe and entire world need more music, more soul, more sense for community. Now I have more time for music and I’m still ready to learn.


Hello @peterle.alojz,
Welcome to the forum and have a relaxing journey into the world of the harmonica.
Also, happy belated :birthday: birthday.
Greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Are you using a pseudonym?

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Alojz Peterle plays Ode to Joy on harmonica - YouTube
I think it’s him. You can read a lot about him on google.


Hello, welcome and greetings, Mr. Peterle @peterle.alojz !!

I feel very honored that you have joined our forum.

I could not agree more with you. Your performance on the harmonica during your last speech in the EP was excellent.

If you have any questions concerning harmonicas or harmonica playing, this forum is probably the best place to ask them and to get the answers you might be seeking.

Best regards,
– Slim


Welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

I apologise if I caused offence by asking if you were using a pseudonym, it’s just that it’s very common to do so on the internet.

From what I’ve read, you’re a man of great integrity, and have a real love for the harmonica. It’s a pleasure to have you here, welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the forum, Creeper! So glad to have you here. So you’ve already gotten all the way through Beginner to Boss and Breakthrough Blues?

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Yes @peterle.alojz we are so blessed and honored to have you here in the forum. I’m impressed that you are a tongue blocker!

I also agree with you that we need more music, more soul and unity (but not uniformity) as you said so well “unity in diversity” before playing your excellent rendition of Ode to Joy.

Amazing how live music just instantly changes the atmosphere! Rock on, my friend! :pray:t3:


Hi, appreciate the forum-awesome! I’m 55 with a disability for 25 of them so I’ll mostly be working one handed which comes with limitations on the sound I can produce. I’m sure I’ll be posting the most annoying questions as they come up related to following the course but really looking forward to bugging ya’ll. I had a gee-tar as a teen to impress the ladies but the only instrument I’ve mastered is the third grade ukulele. I’ve packed a budget harp for the last 25yrs and have no idea why I didn’t sit down and learn, having a blast!


Hey @RollyJoe so happy you posted here. You can still do plenty of awesome-sounding harmonica without hand wah. Joe Filisko recently told me he’s been trying to play one handed more because it’s more conducive to good posture.

Hey Uke is a great instrument too, but can’t beat harmonica for portability!


Yes! I am still struggling with the more advanced techniques, but im feeling comfortable with the 12 bar blues! I need more improvising skills!


Hi @johnreffitt1962

Everyone can always improve further when it comes to improvising. This is a skill that can be helped along by tips and tricks and more musical theory, but in the end it comes down to experience, emotion (in your playing), imagination and something magical that just cannot be taught :exploding_head: Some might call it natural musical talent, but I do not think that anyone really knows the secret to improvisational mastery other than work, play, relax, dream and have fun. And those elements can certainly get you quite far in your quest. :point_left:

– Slim :sunglasses:


Hi. Jack here from the mountains of Maine. Just signed up today and hopefully I can figure out how to play. My index finger on my left hand has been bandaged since May 22nd…straight. Doctors not sure if it will bend again without surgery, but it needs to heal first. Always in the way. Will have to hold the harmonica with my right hand I guess. Oh well. I am 68 years old with time to practice. Looking forward to getting started.


Hey thanks for the welcome AND instruction :slightly_smiling_face:
And I agree!
Just googled Joe Filisko, can’t wait to check him out. I’m also trying to find your list of the top 100 again.


First of all, Luke thank you for making this amazing website, lessons and community.

I got no feeling for music whatsoever, but I really wanted to get into it because seeing people make music together feels so powerfull and fun and I wanna be part of it. I travel a lot by motorcycle and don’t have much space to pack, the harmonica looked like the perfect cheap and small tool to bring along and to jam at the campfire.

So I got myself an Harmonic C and I am now learning to play Slow Ride, I am enjoying it so far! Hopefully my neigbors do to haha.


Hello everyone!

I’m Léo. I used to play the guitar for almost 10 years before taking a break. Got back to playing guitar, but this year I moved a lot around so I though: I’ll get a harmonica, then no problems!
I’ve always like the blue sound of the harmonica and listened a lot to Charlie Musselwhite (mostly in his collaborations with Ben Harper, and Azul Para Amparo which is so fun, I really want to learn the 4th position now – well I’ll start with bends and work my way up).
Unfortunately I bought a tremolo harmonica as my first one (a few months ago) and recently I’ve been gifted a nice old 10 holes one, but the tuning is a bit odd :smiley:
Anyway, it’s still really fun though (both of them).

Looking forward to continuing practising here!


Hi All nice people, I’m Claudio and I registered to this forum to support my daughter Viki who is learning harmonica to play some spaghetti western themes.
I’ll post some questions later. Thank you for your help:)



I think I may have posted my introduction in the wrong forum (on a bit of a roll today, lol!) . I’ll just repost here so forgive me if you’re already read this!

I’m in a band with three other people (two guitarists who go back and forth between guitar and bass - they’re awesome - and a drummer, who is also awesome). I sing, play alto and tenor sax, flute, guitar and bass. I’ve been playing music for a long time…won’t say how long… :).

The band has recently asked that I also take up the harp as we have many tunes in our set lists that have harp in them. I’ve agreed and have now purchased “G” and “C” 10-hole diatonic harps to start with. So far, I’m having a hoot and am quite excited (although I have such a LONG way to go!).

I researched online classes and this site was the best.

I’m really looking forward to learning and interacting with everyone else who is also learning or who can give pointers.

Having music in your life ROCKS and I’m also really looking forward to bringing another instrument into mine! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum, Christine @Christine !!

I too play the flute (blues, simple jazz and simple classical), but it sounds like you are quite the “blowhard” (if you don’t mind me trying to make a bad joke). I really wish I had taken up sax (alto & soprano I have tested and they were much easier for me than tenor), but I never got around to saving up the money for one of them. Now that I have the money, I think that I’m too old and will just stick to trying to better my flute and harmonica skills … :crazy_face:

This is a really fun place to ask and get info, so just jump right into the swimming pool :cold_face: :sweat_drops:

– Slim :sunglasses: