Introduce Yourself!

Bienvenue sur le forum, @Claude_BON ! :sunglasses:

Malheureusement je ne parle pas français (seulement anglais et allemand). J’utilise Google Translate pour ce message. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Je suppose que vous pouvez lire l’anglais?

Meilleures salutations.

– Slim

Hello, Everyone!
My name is Tom Kiker (grampatom42]. I live in Red Oak, TX, near Dallas, and am basically a beginner harmonica player, learning from YouTube videos but have recently met a harmonica player who plays with the worship team of my church who also plays professionally and has been giving me some instruction.

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You picked the right course Luke is TheMan

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Right on Shamrock 1956. Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here…

Rock on,

Wow, so cool!

Welcome, Eddie! Yeah man, the Rockets and Crossovers are both AWESOME harmonicas. You’re gonna be JAMMING in no time!!

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Salut Claude, bienvenue sur le forum. Il semble que vous soyez un candidat parfait pour mon cours de débutant à patron. L’avoir regardé ? Vous pouvez le voir ici.

Hey Todd - great to have you here. I’m glad you’re enjoying the course. Great harmonicas and keys.

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Hey Tom - welcome to the forum! That’s so cool. I also lead worship at a local church here in Kona, Hawaii. Great to have you here on the forum.

You might enjoy these vids of worship songs I taught back in the day.

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Thanks Allan!

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Hello, I am Starr, and I am completely NEW to this Harmonica World. I live in Nacogdoches, Texas (Deep East Texas). I have ordered a Hofner Special 20, (key C), from I am waiting on it to get here, just a few more days. I am so excited! I have also already purchased the course “Beginner to Boss”. I cant wait to get started. I have already watched many instructions from Luke on the web site. I have Never played an instrument, BUT I absolutley love ALL types of music and I love to just move/dance, when I hear good music. My music of choice is OLD Country, Old Rock and Roll, and Disco. 60’s, 70’s and 80’s probably the most! NOT too much into anything current. I really am looking forward to all this. Thanks Starr Phillips

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Hey Starr! Welcome to the forum. Well, based on your taste in music, I think you’re gonna LOVE the Beginner to Boss course!

Congrats on ordering the Special 20, I think you’re gonna LOVE that as well.

Keep us posted how it goes!


I’ve been playing harmonica for 5 plus years. I’ve taken at least 3 on line classes loved them all but love to keep learning from others. Yours is one of the best in all honesty but with 2 problems. The videos constantly break up so that a 10 minute one takes 20 minutes to watch. Navigating to say theory is also a
problem. I got to it eventually by following one of your answers. I like that you get so many replies to your videos as it indicates a great interest by your students. If you can help me with the 2 problems I’d be most appreciative.

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Hello everyone. I’ve been playing for a little over three years, Happy Harpin’ was my first online course, followed by Breakthrough Blues. (Highly recommend both) My current harp is a Hohner Crossover.


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I’ve been playing 10 years and have taken 3 online courses and 2 in persons but one can always learn more. Enjoying course immensely because you incorporate tabs for many more songs than usual and the best theory action I’ve ever encountered. A player who doesn’t get the attention be deserves is Corky Siegal, a Chicago legend. Hear him on youtube. I got started on harmonica when I was restricted to a chair owing to a foot injury. I told my wife that my only regret in life was never learning to play an instrument. A few days later she handed me a harmonica. My first reaction was harmonica’s are toys but I started playing and quickly learned harmonicas are not toys but sophisticated instruments,. I live in the south suburbs of Chicago and am 76 years old

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Hey - welcome to the forum! So glad to see you here, and thank you for introducing me to Corky Siegal.

This mind-blowing video shows his skill as harmonica player, composer/arranger, and showman. Definitely will share this - Can’t believe I’d never heard of him before!

Plus I happen to love classical music from Bach to Debussy to post-modern avante garde stuff, and I’m enjoying listening to his music on Spotify.

Well, God bless your wife!!! I’m sorry for your foot injury, but thanks to your wife, I’m glad that it’s lead you to playing this amazing little instrument. Thank you for your kind words, and by the way, if you’re learning tons of songs and tons of theory at the same time, those should be two wings to propel you well on your continued journey. Fly on, my man.

If you’re like my Grandma Betsy, you might be playing for another 20 years to come. She doesn’t play harmonica. She’s a gardener and horticulturalist, but she just turned 97 years old, and by the way I just got to introduce her to her 2 year old great grandson a couple of weeks ago.

Rock on,

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Hey Dave - I’ve almost exclusively playing my Hohner Crossover key of A lately. Such an amazing harp!

Thanks for visiting the forum, nice to have you here.

Several people who’ve gone through Happy Harpin’ and Breakthrough Blues told me that they also got a lot out of my Beginner to Boss course.

So if you’re ever looking for another course to go through, this is my shameless plug. :wink:

Rock on,

Thanks @rondiecks and @Luke for introducing me to Corky Siegal… I love his energy. He’s incredible on those high notes.

My real name is Rob McBride but my new “stage name” is Harpin’ Bobby McB… :wink:

I was in financial services for 17 years and since 2002 have made my living as an author and a speaker.

I got a harmonica for my 59th birthday a couple of months ago and now believe it is a turning point for me. Life before and after learning how to play this magical instrument…

Learning so much from all here! I just found the forum but have been bouncing around learning for several weeks now…

Hands down, all y’all ROCK!


Hi there, my name is Mitchell and I’m super excited to learn the harmonica with you all. I just finished the 2nd module and I’m loving it… Luke makes it so much fun! I actually look forward to the lessons every evening :).
I know that this is a process and getting good at the harmonica will take time and dedication but I can’t wait to be able to start playing my favorite tunes :).
So here’s to a fun journey ahead.


Hi , my name is Rick and I’m excited to see if there is any hope for a 71 year old tone deaf biker to learn something new. Maybe make a few new friends along the way