Introduce Yourself!

Hi Markus @vuk79

Welcome to the forum. There are several members living in Germany, but mostly English is used so that the others can also easily profit from any “hot” tips that might otherwise be missed if they were posted in German. :wink:

Take some time to read various posts and use the “Search” function of the forum to see if any questions you might have already have answers in the forum’s collection of posts. There is a veritable treasure of information here concerning blues harp, blues in general and equipment advice.

– Slim :sunglasses:


Hello Markus, @vuk79,
I also warmly welcome you to the forum.
I also come from Germany and started the BTB a two years ago. To this day I have not regretted it, as the course gave me important basics and I continue to enjoy the harp today.

Importantly, give yourself breaks and stay relaxed while practicing and playing.
If you get stuck at a new step, put it back and continue elsewhere. Come back to the unfinished exercise later and you will see that it gets better.

Have fun!

Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Hi Everyone… JD from WA State…just bought a M. Hohner harmonica from an estate sale, it’s a Golden Melody # 542 made in Germany. The reason I bought it is because it came with the original instruction book, lol! I have several harmonica’s I’ve collected over the years but have never spent the time to learn how to play. Hopefully, this is a push forward. Take care all! JD


Hi Jd
Welcome to the forum. Loads of info here. Good luck with your playing.


Hi Vuk
Great course you’ll love it. Welcome


Hi all
Being naturally nosey, I always tap on peoples avataars. Almost nobody fills in their little bio section. Its in the profile and you can even add a background photo. If you’re into sharing a little more information about yourself you can fill it in and maybe understand each other a bit better. Just a thought.


Hello all,
Belgian living in the south of France. I’m just starting harmonica again.
I already have a chromatic harmonica (Hohner Chromonica), and I’m waiting for my golden melody to be delivered next week.
I’m a total beginner…
Eager to exchange with you all.


Reintroducing my self. Wes , 77 yr ypung and trying not to let the old man in.
I’ve been playing 18 mo. or so. Taking lessons from a great man in England with zoom.
I saw that someone asked about amps and think that all should check out the products by “Positive Grid”.
I Got a ‘mini’ for practice and it’s great!


Welcome to our forum, @Epr64 and @wes.

Have fun, patience and relaxation on your exciting journey with the Harp.

Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position: from Germany


Hi Luke! I’m Chris Anderson, harmonica player from Evergreen Park, IL!! Cheers!


@Carlo - sorry for the late reply here my friend. Just wanted to wish you a warm welcome to the forum. Happy to have you here. I love harmonica too! You are in good company. :wink:

@kaulgud_dinesh welcome to the forum Dinesh! So glad to have you here. Awesome story about your dad. Glad you’re rocking and rolling.

@Kevin_Gilmour Welcome mate! Rock on! :sunglasses:

@Clutha good stuff Gordon! Welcome to the forum. The harmonica will be a nice addition to the Uke group!

@astacy01 welcome to the forum Alan! I know you said you love all styles of music, but if you’re from Kentucky, I wondering if you love Bluegrass? Such a great style of harmonica. Buddy Greene is my favorite in that style.

@Restless welcome Bob! Did you check

@vuk79 welcome to the course and the forum Markus! Can’t wait to hear how the experience goes for ya!

@wmrra82 welcome to the forum JD from WA! Congrats on your new old Golden Melody. :sunglasses:

@Epr64 South France wow I’ve heard that’s one of the most beautiful places! Congrats on delving into diatonic harmonica. I don’t think you will regret it!

@Wes thanks for the reintroduction my friend! Nothing keeps us young like learning new things - ESPECIALLY MUSIC!!! Hey can you make a separate post about your amp and tell us a bit more? I’d love to see a photo. Your info is getting lost buried down here in the “introduce yourself” thread. :wink:

@Chris1963 Hi Chris! Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here. I’m pretty sure being from Illinois automatically makes you a better harmonica player! :sunglasses: Thanks for saying hi. Rock on!

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Greetings All and Aloha!, Grew up in the 70s always loved the harmonica in music it is like accent or accentuating a point. Thank you to Luke for this whole thing. Mahalo!


Right on @PatrickD! So happy to have you here. Yeah, no decade for harmonica in popular music like the 70’s! Are you from Hawaii?

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Hello, Luke. My name is Frank.
And I only have the use of one arm. I was wondering if I could play harmonica. If so how do I get started.


@Martif4, Hi Frank, Luke can guide you much better than I can,
but Yes,Yes,Yes, you definitely can play harmonica.


@Martif4 Yeah you can DEFINITELY play! You can’t do hand wah stuff. Buat that’s super. minor. I play with one hand all the time. But I’ve seen Joe Filisko perform entire concerts with one hand and it’s been stellar.

First, but a harp: Which Harmonica to Buy? – The Best & Worst Harmonicas

Second, check out this lesson (and ignore the part about hand wah :wink:)

If you wanna invest in a course, I think you’d be a great candidate for Beginner to Boss.

Welcome to the forum. So glad you’ve joined us here and I hope you join us on your own harmonica journey as well!!! :sunglasses:

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