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Hi Luke,

I’m a 53 year old singer and multi instrumentalist. Was a pro bassist for a number of years, playing mostly funk, rock, and jazz. But the first instrument that called to me, and the first one I took seriously was the harmonica. I first heard it when I was 9, ironically the player was Dan Ackroyd, as Elwood Blues on the Blues Brothers live album, Briefcase Full Of Blues. lol. I was too young to know they were a “comedy act”, but for those that don’t know their band was made up of cats who were the top blues and soul session cats in the world, Matt Guitar Murphy, Steve Cropper and Duck Dunn from Booker T and the MGs, Paul Schafer on keys, but it’s their version of Downchild blues bands Flip,Flop,Fly - starts with Elwood doing this little shuffle on the harp that then goes into this honkin draw bend, and when I heard that it blew my mind! My father and a beat to shit chromatic harp he gave me - and for some reason - I was immediately able to bend the note to get that sound… but I was 9, and that’s all I could accomplish… I think my folks may have hid it from me, cause I walked around just making that honking blues sound for about 2 weeks… and it disappeared , lol. I didn’t revisit it until I was 15, this was 86, and I was deep into hardcore punk, as well as prog rock, and the funk fusion my father was into, but one day I was at a bookstore with a few bucks and saw A book called harmonica for the musically hopeless, it came with a cassette tape, and a Hohner pocket pal in C. I bought it as a joke, Kinda, and because I thought I was musically, hopeless for some reason… That night, I went home and learned OhWhen the Saints… and I was hooked. Then I discovered Sonny boy, Williamson… And that was it. In my early 20s, I put it down again and picked up the guitar, started playing in grunge bands… It was the early 90s lol. Flash forward, ended up becoming a professional bass player, and then an engineer and sound designer. And stop playing music altogether then at 47, I was diagnosed with ADHD and high masking autism. And I picked a harmonica back up and haven’t looked back.


Try this The basic “note” (we’re talking just rhythm for now) is the Whole note. Means exactly what it says. So next we divide that not in to two parts making each part a half (of the whole) note then we do that again and we have 4 quarter (25% 0f the whole note.) notes and then 1/8 notes and 1/16 note. the whole note can be divided like that to infinity yes there is such a thing as 64th and 128th notes. If it follows that pattern you can divide that whole note to infinity in theory. So a 16th note simple means that (in 4/4 time) there will be a possible 16 16th notes in that whole note. That’s all it means is that it occupies the space of a 16th of that whole note.


Hello @GmanG,

first of all, welcome to our ‘club’.

60 years in all the bars as a saxophonist (as you yourself write) explains your comprehensive knowledge of music. Impressive! Sorry, I took a quick look at your portrait posted here.

Regards Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:

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I’m working on Irish tunes this summer. I found that at first, it seemed very hard, whereas blues felt much easier, but once I started to understand the repetitions and breathing patterns, the pathway opened to a lot of the repertoire. Still working on getting the speed up. Check out Brendan Power and Joel Anderson’s playing and materials if you haven’t already. Good luck!


I am not seeing how to start a post to introduce myself. Can you give me some direction?

Welcome. You do it right here!. Just tell us a little about your interest in playing a harmonica. If you choose to tell us where approximately you are etc too thats optional. Also go to your profile and add some general information. It all helps other members relate to you and have an understanding of what you want from the forum.