Playing my fathers harmonica

I have a chromatic harmonica, that must be at least more than 80years old.
My father played it beautifully, I hope I can learn from Luke enough knowledge to play it again.
I wonder how many of you have harmonica’s from years ago.
My name is Jan and I hail from Western Australia.
Hello to all and may we all make beautiful music together.

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Hey Jan from Western Australia! Welcome to the forum. Thank you so much for sharing and I agree, may we all make beautiful music together!

What a rich legacy to have your father’s chromatic idea.

Hey, I just wanted to point out that I mostly play (and exclusively teach) the 10 hole diatonic harmonica. I think it’s an easier instrument to learn at the beginning. Still a great way to honor your father’s legacy. If you wanna look into purchasing a diatonic here is my article on choosing brands.

Aloha Jan!

Hi Luke, Thanks for answering my post. I have a diatonic for your lessons but hope to graduate to my Dad’s Chromatic later on.
I am having fun playing along but I forget to breath when the music starts .LOL
I feel I was guided to you as I love music so much, I use to play the organ.
Thanks for being my teacher. your lovely smile and your happy disposition shines through.
Kindest regards

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Oh Hi Jan! I didn’t realize this is you from Beginner to Boss, lol. I’m so glad that you are enjoying the lessons, and yes that sounds like a great goal. So smart to tackle diatonic first, and then move onto chromatic once the fundamentals are in place.