Practice with the b to boss course

I was wondering whether those of you who have done or are doing the course have written down the tabs for all lessons so that you can quickly revisit a lesson with the backing track?


Hello, YEAHS! :smiley:


Thank you @AstridHandbikebee63
It seems to be the best way
Hope all is well with you


Yes. I transcribe to 5"x3" cards. Though I don’t actually use tab. I prefer to convert the tab to scale degree numbers (e.g. 1 & 2 where the tab would be 4 & -4). I have a notation involving dots above or below to indicate the low & high octave, and use an underline if I wish to specify a draw (e.g. for the low 5 which could be draw 2 or blow 3).

I’d rather learn the tune that way & come to ‘know’ where to find that note, than to learn by positions alone.

I’m probably influenced in this because I use scale degrees when learning tunes on other instruments too (indeed, it makes the tunes instrument independent).

YMMV as they say.

And with out backing track too. :smiley:


This is very helpful @DavidW and appreciated. I am doing the course over 3 months and have realised I need to constantly revisit lessons to ensure I am grasping it all properly. I am going through everything I have done and making more notes. I like what you said re notations. It is about putting in the time, but when you love something you find time.


Hi ,

Currently working my way through the course and I am currently towards the end of Module 2.

I’ve been making notes on every lesson including the tabs and timing. It’s made it easy to go back and quickly review something. I’ll probably continue doing what I’m doing through the end.

Took me a couple lessons worth of notes to figure out how to represent the timing with the tabs in the notes for easy reference. So now, I show the tabs followed by the count underneath the tabs. I highlight (change color) on the count where the tabs line up. This has worked for me.

Personally, I use an open source knowledge base (Logseq) so everything is easily queried. Works for me anyway.

Where are you at in the lessons?


Thanks for asking :slightly_smiling_face:! I am okay! It’s freezing cold here in the country right now, so the only thing that helps is to make yourself comfortable at home and play the harp.

I had already completed the BTB course. Occasionally, however, I use my notes to solidify something further.
During the course, I took a screenshot at the end of the lesson. Then jot it down in a large notebook. The tabs + and - notated in rhythm, special features such as ’ or ", an arc when sliding and <—> Slide marked.
At first I used tabs with up and down arrows as moves and bubbles. It didn’t work that well.

After about a year of learning the harp I sorted out some notes :spiral_notepad:. I find that I can apply what I’ve learned. Also that the feeling for the right notes has developed and I can play longer foreign songs without tabs. I wouldn’t have thought that last year.
When it comes to very fast songs, my development is still lacking. But I think that since the bending and now also the overblows work as far as possible, that will also happen.
I still continue to play the scales, bends and overblows every day. This takes about 15 - 20 minutes. The initial problems with shortness of breath, too much or too little saliva no longer exist.

Now that winter is over, I finally want to focus on learning and reading music. I use my keyboard at the same time. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to learn it and I miss it.

I’m just doing this as a hobby. Nevertheless, it is important to me because it is good for me physically and mentally.

Sorry for the long text! But I want to show you and others that sticking with it is worth it. Even if you sometimes think it doesn’t work. Yes, development sometimes goes unnoticed!

Let it be well with you! Greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Fantastic @AstridHandbikebee63
This history is helpful
I hope to get to your level over the next year


Oh yes you will! Even without putting you under pressure! Keep calm, it’s so important!
I don’t know if you already know my spontaneous improvisation. I’ll put them back here for you. Please feel free to listen to it on Youtube.

No, it doesn’t always work! It depends on the form of the day and it has yet to really become “flesh and blood”. Also, don’t forget our age as we started late. Certainly we will hardly manage to catch up for forty years. It doesn’t matter, we challenge and support each other! That counts and it feels so good! Don’t be too strict on yourself, give yourself a break too!
I tend to find less time to practice and study in the summer. My priority is more outside when riding a handbike to maintain my stability with my health. The harp is welcome to be there to play in a nice place.


I have subscribed to you @AstridHandbikebee63 on YouTube :joy:
Yeah it is about fun


Thanks @burpsan
I am module 2 level 27
Love the course


Good idea re cards @DavidW


Ah, you are the subscriber, :wink::joy:.
Sorry, you can’t see who subscribes, just how many subscribers you have. Yes, it’s about fun!

But with the songs I play, you can also see my weaknesses that still exist! That’s what it’s all about for me! See and hear in a year if I make further progress.


Not sure if this helps but I have 2 screens. I put one on the backing track and one on the lesson or song section. You could also use 2 devices or split your screen. Its not difficult once you know. Do you have a techy friend?


I was making notation on a computer at first, using ‘markdown’ in Obsidian, but I work with computers all day long, so I like to use none computer solutions for hobby & pastime activities where possible & for me at least 5x3 cards are a good solution. Simple interface, always on, infinite battery life, easy to sort.

I’d need bigger cards for longer songs. LOL!

Each to their own… :slight_smile:


@DavidW That makes sense. If I was on a computer all day, I’d want a break from it too.

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Nice! I’m just a tad behind starting Tom Petty on Lesson 23.


I took a little different approach. I found that i couldn’t really feel the song or lick while trying to read the tab. I committed to using it at first during the lesdon and then never looking again. I think it really helped my speed and eneral feel of the song. Everyone has their own ideas about what works best for them


Amen to that @rmajor874 .
When it comes to learning (& many other things), there’s no “one size fits all”.


Welcome to the forum, @rmajor874 !

Yeah, we all try to figure out what works best for oneself. Btw, I do try and do what you’re doing … though I do start with getting notes down and working through it in my mind … what you described follows if I understand you correctly … developing an ear for it, and play by feel. I.e., the tabs have gone out the window at that point. If I need a quick review I’ve got a quick reference.

Of course, I’m open to learning from others in figuring out the best way to learn and retain. It feels like Luke to his credit has definitely created a nice pedagogical approach to this course, which I appreciate. Feels like I’m learning by leaps and bounds and everything falls in place at the right moment.