Rare Little Walter Video

Like many greats of his era, video footage of Little Walter is hard to come by. This vid of him playing with Hound Dog is quite good!

Hope you enjoy!


Great short classic, Luke @Luke !! I saw Hound Dog Taylor live several times in a little club during my university days. He was always terrific and had super musicians with him – unfortunately, not Little Walter (who had died several years earlier).

It is great to hear Little Walter play acoustically because all of the recordings I have are always pretty highly amplified and distorted. I know that is the classic Little Walter sound, but I always wanted to hear him play without the effects. Thanks to you, I now have that chance (at least for this recording).

– Slim :sunglasses:


THANKS - any idea when this was recorded? :innocent:

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@robertchartrand2104, 1967.