Thank you Luke of stirring up memories!

Continuing the discussion from Rare Little Walter Video:

Ah. What memories. But I don’t know the guitar players or the drummer I don’t believe. I have played with most of the blues drummers in those days because we’d use a different blues rhythm section each night.

One night at Peppers some fellow came up and said; “I’d like to sit in.” He seemed like he’d been drinking a lot. So I said; “Why don’t you come back another time.” The audience heard me and yelled out; “Have him sit it, that’s Little Walter!” It get worse my dear harmonica buddies, because I’m thinking; “Who’s Little Walter?” LOL!

That’s how new I was to this world. But as soon as he started playing with us (when a harp player sat in I’d play piano) I learned who Little Walter was. "Wow! OMG! That’s LITTLE WALTER! LOL! After all, that’s the Harmonica player on the Muddy recordings I was wearing out. I was so excited about listening to the music without “any” distraction (including reading the liner notes) that I never even looked at the back side of the album covers to know who was playing. LOL! But I ended playing with all of em. LOL! An innocent victim of incredible good fortune.- Cousin Corky

P.S. When I did one of the tours with Mark Hummel’s blowout, they were doing a tribute to Little Walter (I got to tell that story each night) and Mark taught me “Blues with a Feeling.” Back in the 1900s i.e. 1964 let’s say, when I was beginning to learn some songs I tried to emulate Wolf, Muddy and etc. but failed completely and gave up trying after a few minutes. So I just went with whatever the muse wanted of me … which was me … whatever that was.

On my last two solo albums (both released just now in September 2022 along with a new Chamber Blues) all of them are original songs and most of them brand new. The point I make is this; I only did one cover tune and guess what that was? “Blues with a Feeling.” Just me and harp … but it’s not ** Little Walter**. I save Little Walter for Little Walter, cause Little Walter can do Little Walter a little better than all of us “little” Walters. LOL!