Rattling Sound on New Golden Melody

I recently purchased a golden melody key of G. New shape not original… don’t crucify me for it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 1st hole draws reed is rattling which is soo off putting. Easiest way to rectify ? Cheers in advance


See my reply to your other post.

– Slim

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Hey @Cameronjake welcome to the forum my friend! Glad you’ve joined us.

I’m re-posting @Slim’s reply from your other post here, so other people who find this post can see it:

I don’t think Horner’s quality control on the new Golden Melody’s is quite up to snuff. The cover plates often aren’t airtight.

I’ve bought a couple Thunderbirds with hole 1 issues, one the rivet was loose, and one the reed was actually broken and made no sound at all! :flushed:

@Slim’s advice is spot on (as usual.) But you should be able to play it moderately loudly without a rattle. If you have to play it SUPER quietly in order not to rattle then there’s an issue. LMK.


Thanks for the response Luke ! Such a pleasure to be able to speak to somebody with your experience ! It doesn’t rattle when I play low but when I blow hard into it for effect you can hear it tinging. I see quite a few people have complained about this model. Maybe I should have listened to them before buying it. In hindsight should have stuck with the seydel lightning on that key. Much better build quality. All my best dude