Repairing brain cells after brain injury haemorrage

Positive positive positive plus goals. Music and the harmonica is great for me. I took up uke and guitar following a brain bleed. The harmonica is great as it is good controlling breathing plus a diversion for anxiety. Plus a quick wee win when in a group. Luke thank you for replying to me so soon. That meant a lot. Sometimes one feels disconnected. You have proved this journey is real and loving. So that means the world. I look forward to becoming a wee Boss. I am going to go medium pace. Love the fact I will have for life. The resource aspect great. Plus I hope to pass my skills on to others with brain injuries, so helping with my memory a win. So yes the harmonica does lead to repair of brain cells, connecting memory plus keeping me active and thinking. Problem solving plus pushing oneself vital. So anyone out there with a brain injury and/or stroke. The harmonica can be your new friend. Plus I wanted something incase my hand stopped working as well. So the harmonica a good safety net. So I am looking forward to learning and enjoying. In the past I was just pressing on any utube. So now I have Luke in my pocket along with a world wide community. So big thank you. I have been to New York and Boston twice. So Luke I am so glad I discovered you. Plus you taking on the baton shows great strength. Our light signs on in our darkness. Harmonica is our light!!! Aly


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I was badly injured in a snowmobile accident when I was young, I always wanted to play an instrument but had difficulties because of my bad arm. It’s partially paralyzed and fused at the shoulder, so discovering the harmonica was a huge blessing for me and changed my life profoundly. The friends and colleagues I have met are priceless. Made me a more patient and a servant person too. So happy it is a light for you and so many of us! :blue_heart:


Hi @attitudewiththought and @davidkachalon. I have said previously that I’m amazed at how many of us on this forum are broken or wounded in some way, physically or emotionally. There seems to be something about the harmonica that provides a salve for us. I’m glad it’s done that for you also.