I’m 1/2 serious about this. In my life I’ve had many uniforms. And I think they set the tone to get my mind set ready for the task at hand. As a high school teacher, had the tradition shirt and tie ( except for the hippy years). Coaching sports outfit. Metal sculpting protective gear. Lab coat and goggles in the lab. Etc.
I’m at the 65 lesson and learning the blues (which I currently play on guitar). What do blues harp player wear? I think I’m going to steal Luke’s look to start. Any suggestions?


I think the English Driving Caps are a great blues thang.

Or you could go black hat and dark glasses like the Blues Brothers! :sunglasses:

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Im thinking cap, black long sleeve tee shirt, dark vest (not black, worn unbuttoned). One or more of these with the Luke logo (essential). I’d want to be the first to buy a logo cap, shirt and/or vest. No music site including instrument company is offering a vests. Hooded lightweight sweatshirt?
Let’s give Luke the incentive. Tell him how many of us would purchase, at least, the long or short sleeve tee. The guy deserves a little income stream for all his wonderful well organized lessons. Id be more than happy to be a signpost for his brand.


Or… I’ve seen harp players that looked like the roughest biker dudes you could come across and I’ve seen harp players wearing fine suits and classy fedoras, plus most everything in between. Since you asked for suggestions – How about play your own music and make your own style? (nothing against Luke logos)


Try nude. Nobody will notice any wrong notes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Great White North.


I think if you saw me you might want to withdraw that recommendation. But I have a nice personality’