What song are you working on?

Thank you very much, Luke @Luke !!



First of all I am glad the battle seems to be over and the good guy winning. My back has been a real pain since college and there is now a 45 minute outpatient method to fix the problem. I plan to get it do asap. Hopefully your ear issue will be gone, all the political garb we are inundated with will be as soon. I am getting The Yellow Rose From Texas down and only need tabs. Hopefully I will be good enough to retain my citizenship. I was frustrated the first day and it got better thereafter. like bending playing it exactly right will take some practice as how long and loud to play each note correctly takes time. my wife can tell what I am playing, which is always a good sign but she politely told me to slow it down a bit.
My next endeavor will be tackling El Condor Pasa, which is going to be a real test of persistence level. By the way The Yellow Rose was very near being named the state song but for some reason was not.



Playing along with the piano :musical_keyboard: I have found to be a very HUMBLING experience.

I always thought I was bending pretty good until playing along with the piano. Any change in pitch becomes immediately obvious!

In particular just doing the major scale up and down the entire harmonica is challenging with the bends on the lower octave and the tricky overblow at the top which I often hesitate to even try because it’s so squeaky :joy:

I hope to look back on the videos I am now doing and see improvement.

I now understand why you say @Luke that mastering bends could well take a lifetime…

Thanks always for your thoughts and advice!


SEARCHING by Chicago on my Golden Melody in key of C

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Hi all, just thought I’d share the songs I’m working on at the moment.

Little Walter’s Crazy Legs and Can’t hold out much longer.
Jethro Tull’s Locomotive Breath (vocals and the flute solo, quite ambitious but fun).
Little Green Bag (the theme song of the movie Reservoir Dogs).

I like to decipher, study and learn multiple songs at the same time, it allows me options when I have time to practice.

I use MuseScore for sheet music (including the harmonica plugin), Transcribe! for my own transcriptions, and learning resources ranging from YouTube to Hal Leonard.

I have mainly been enjoying figuring out which position works for certain songs, and have found Paddy Richter to be quite handy at times as well. (Might need to invest in a few more keys, only have one in G at the moment.)

Some songs I recently worked on and enjoy playing: Sunny side of love (Steve Guyger), Blowin’ the family jewels (William Clarke), Don’t get around much anymore, Hard-hearted woman, All because of you (Big Walter Horton), Telephone Blues (George Harmonica Smith)…

Keep up the hard work and have fun everybody! :musical_note: