What song are you working on?

For many this will bring memories… :wink:

I can almost feel my self in a TIJUANA TAXI as I listen to the song, how about you? :thinking:

Some of my all time favorite music comes from Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. It brings back memories of my parents when they were still around, still married, and I was just a little guy who didn’t realize that this incredible music would bring so many wonderful memories later on.

Now whenever I think of Herb and his crew, I wonder how @Luke and his wife play his songs. I bet they can rock them!

Does she cover any of their songs on the trumpet :trumpet: @Luke?

Following :point_down:are a few more of 5heir hits with links:






Hello @HarpinBobbyMcB,
what memories do you bring up?! Oddly enough, I couldn’t remember his name. But after just three notes I can hum along to all the songs shown.
Even in my childhood and youth they were played up and down on the radio :radio:. Whether at home or in the restaurant, in the car! No wonder we’re both the same age, even if we’re miles apart.
Herbst Albert is a great trumpeter! The trumpet is a great instrument, I would have liked to have learned it earlier. Unfortunately born at the wrong time in relation to this :person_shrugging: .


Listening to Herb and his crew always brings a smile to my face since it makes me think of my parents.

Even though I was just a little guy at the time, as is the case with you, as soon as I hear the first few notes, the rest of the song seems to follow in my mind. Perhaps it is this which makes them so fun to play on the harp!

The melodies are timeless and the memories are priceless :notes: :sunglasses:


Same here. I remember my mum dancing to them. My dad bought the LPs. They were see through clear plastic in luminous orange yellow and lime green. Did you have those? I don’t know what happened to them. Probably collectors items now. I remember something like A Spanish Flea? Was that a tune?


I inherited these LP’s from my folks :point_down:

And then bought this one :point_down:


Spanish Flea is a pretty recognizable song. As I recall, it was the song for the Newlywed Game back in the day…:thought_balloon:


Tom Petty songs, Traveling Wilburys stuff, mostly background color a couple of leads, a favorite, Rattled and Yer so bad.


@HarpinBobbyMcB First song you posted filled my heart with joy, even tho I’ve no memories associated with. Wifey and I do Girl from Ipanaema. We do a lot of Brazilian songs, and she sings them beautifully in portugeese, which she learned phonetically.

@GreenStamps can’t go wrong with Tom Petty!


That style looks very familiar. The only difference is your hand writing is better than mine. I ran through the last page and could tell what song it was play simulating it. Its a first for me



A few months ago a distant cousin passed away, and as I was practicing my draw bends, I came up with this tune :point_down:

I call it ODE TO RAY.

In case you wanna follow along, this is how I tabbed it :point_down:

Here are the words in English and Spanish :point_down:

¿Qué tal? :blush: :notes:


¡Gracias Bobby, estoy bien! Buen cambio de responder en español :smile:!


Someone on this forum posted the tabs for the Bluey theme and I thought what a great idea, I’ll learn that for my 4 year old grandson, he’ll love it. It’s pretty popular here in Australia and in the USA also I’m told. I’m a beginner hack but it’s a simple short tune. So I copied the tabs, practiced and played it for him and his Mum when they visited me recently. Played it slow and easy so I didn’t make a mess of it and did a good job of it I reckon. He looks up at me and shrugs his shoulders, looks at his Mum for guidance on what to say or do. Anyways neither of them recognised it so I had to explain its the Bluey theme. My daughter in law says "Oh sorry he hasn’t watched Bluey for a while. So I’m going back to Heart of Gold. Stupid Bluey!


Hello @PapaCurly,
nice to read from you here in the forum! Your story is so sweet and yet sad (for you). Shit happens! Just kids, keep going and the right time will come.

Your grandson will definitely ask you about it again at some point if you’ve forgotten it for a long time :woman_shrugging::smiley:.


Thanks for the sentiment Astrid but it’s not so sad. I’ll remind him of it from time to time when he grows up and my Son and Daughter in Law will poke fun at me. I’ve had experiences in life that most people have not, so this is just a funny story and part of the richness of life. I believe its little moments like this that you look back on most fondly as you age. Building sandcastles on the beach, that kind of thing. (or playing a harmonica) All the other crap that we tend to get caught up in and wound up about and seems important at the time, becomes irrelevant.


Heck with Bluey, HEART OF GOLD ROCKS… lol

It’s funny to me that I can be playing a song which I swear I have nailed, and I’m sure someone will recognize it as I play, but I’ll I get back is blank stares with no recognition whatsoever.

I’ve learned that “humming a few bars of the song” before playing it on the harmonica goes a long way in recognition of what is probably very good without it, others just don’t always realize this. :wink:


Do you Dream the Impossible Dream? :thinking: :thought_balloon:

This song is just incredible, no matter how you look at it…

Here’s my take on it :point_down:

I go a little squeaky up there at the end, but I went for it! :joy:


Hello @HarpinBobbyMcB,
this is a beautiful song from the 70’s film “Man of La Mancha”.

I had already listened to it on YouTube before. Since I happen to be looking after my little ones
I had exercises that I still had with me on the C-Harp (the good old Golden Melody :slightly_smiling_face:), so I had to replay it spontaneously.
Not difficult, but the song also lives through its feeling. I like these songs a lot!

Thanks for your introduction :+1:!


I’ve always liked the melody of this song. Once it gets in your head, in sticks there!

But now that I learned the words, and about the context of the song in Man of La Mancha, I love it! :heart_eyes:

To Dream the Impossible Dream is my new battle cry :rocket: :sunglasses:


Here goes. I made this up for my granddaughter. I can’t sing but the words are sort of. Myla likes to dance yeh she likes to dance and turn around. Shes 18mths. She plays G harmonica by sucking and blowing like crazy then running it back and forth on her lips. I wanted to sort of sound like her so shed try to join in. Here goes nothin. Dropbox - Mylas song.m4a - Simplify your life


Brilliant- sounds like fun and that’s what counts.


Hey @toogdog

That was really cool !! I liked the way that, as the backing track progressed, the harp playing became more and more rhythmic and developed a great groove !! :musical_note: :notes: Sort of like the 18 month old girl progressed in her playing skills right before my very ears ! :innocent:

Please give us some more like this. :wink: :+1: