What song are you working on?

Hello @toogdog ,
this is great fun to listen to.:clap:

Regards Astrid


And I have to admit, I’ve never listened to Elton John either. So, I haven’t heard that song!


@Ijandar this is awesome. The animation is legendary. What is interesting is that, it is re-watching that animation recently, some 25 years after, and thinking back with nostalgia about my time in Japan and one of my best friend there who’s an amazing harmonica player, that made me pick up @Luke course and start learning harmonica. I wish I can play that one day.

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I re-listened to the whole album of the animation soundtrack and it’s hard to believe they produced such a beautiful album for what some might call “a simple cartoon”. Most multi-million dollar Hollywood movies don’t get a soundtrack like that!
Anyway, I found the Spokey Donkey track on harptabs : https://www.harptabs.com/song.php?ID=16007

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Hello there James, thanks for chiming in.

I’ve found the songs which are easiest for me to learn are those I’ve had buzzing around in my head for a long time.

If I can hum to a song or whistle it, I’ve got a better chance of being able to play it on the harp :wink:

Go with what you know


Here :point_down: is my song ON OUR WAY on a C harp in 2nd position.

I’d love it if anyone would like to cover it :star2:

The intervals are in the description. They are very easy. Just up and down the Blues Scale :sunglasses: :notes:

Oh by the way @Luke, I like your idea about one hand with harmonica and one on piano… Still not quite that coordinated yet, but I’m working on it… Feels kinda like chewing gum and walking. I get confused :joy: