Bulletini Mic Maker Gregg Heumann

There’s been a lot of chatter on the forum lately about various products from Blows Me Away Productions

@Maka turned me on to the Rackit! product which I later found out has a Bulletini mic which it seems like EVERYONE loves. I’m hoping to get one to review soon.

Meanwhile, I just came across this video of PT Gazell interviewing Greg Heumann, and it was kinda cool to get to hear some of Greg’s story as I believe Blows Me Away is a 1-man show - just Great. Hard to believe. Thought I’d share:


Never actually saw or heard him before. Alot of the choices I made when buying old mikes and elements were based on info I got from him.


Oh that’s cool. He seems like a great guy. I’ve been talking to him, looking at picking up a Rackit!2.0 and trying to evaluate all the different options.

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H, I just got my third mic from Greg Heumann. He provides such a great customer service and communication along the way. The mic (black and white ebony, piano finish, volume control) not only is a beauty and piece of art, but the Heumann element is awesome. Unlike other vintage elements I have played over the past 40 years, this one does not break up in the highs and is strong all over. Maybe not as crunchy, but a great modern distorted sound. (I write this because I like Greg’s work. I am not paid by him to endorse him).


Hey @Big_Dog welcome to the forum! It would be cool if you took a picture of your mic and posted in in this thread! Sounds like it’s so beautiful.

Yeah, this is my first time dealing with him, and he’s been AWESOME. My Rackit!2.0BVC just arrived yesterday. I’m looking forward to checking out the tone of the Bulletini. Does the mic you bought have the same guts as the Bulletini?

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Hi Luke, it sure has the same guts as the Bulletini. For my taste, the Bulletini is a bit too small in diameter. The wood mics are just right in size and great for cupping, and super-light. - I hope adding the pictures worked, have not done this yet in this forum. -


:heart_eyes: a-woooo-ga! Dang @Big_Dog those photos surely uploaded just perfectly, and she is a BEAUT!! Big congratulations on acquiring that my friend. Very special!

Rock on! :metal:t3:

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So I picked up a Rackit!2.0 and I’m getting ready to try her out, but just wanted to share a couple photos from a [video that Peter “Madcat” Ruth made]

I’ve never had success with a mic stand harp holder because I couldn’t get the mic stand to be stable enough. Madcat drilled his into a piece of wood to gain the stability I’d always found to be elusive:
(Rackit! 2.0 by Blows Me Away - YouTube) on the unit:

Great idea! (Cat sold seperately. :wink:)
He also uses a Boss wireless transmitter so as not to have to deal with chords:

That Madcat’s got some nice tricks up his sleeve!

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I run a similar rig on my Bulletini - switchcraft to 1/4" adaptor, and then wireless guitar ‘bug’. Works a treat - good for at least 10 metres (33 ft for those on the other side of the world).


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