Harmonica Tabs for Boogie On Reggae Woman (Ab Harmonica, 1st Position)

This is the harmonica solo in this part of the song:

Here are my harmonica tabs for Stevie Wonder’s Harmonica solo on Boogie on Reggae Woman, Played in 1st position on an Ab harmonica. You have to have a really good command of your blow bends and have a handle on the top octave of the harmonica in order to tackle this solo.

My tabs are a bit weird because I copied them from my old Funkharp channel lesson on the song, and I wrote them before I learned the best way to write harmonica tabs from the good folks at Harmonica.com.

The best way is simply the hole number for a blow, and a minus sign before the hole number for a draw. How I have them written here is a plus sign after the number for a blow and and minus sign after the number for a draw.

And then instead of notating bends, I wrote what I’m doing with my mouse to achieve the bends. Hopefully this is helpful. If it’s not, LMK and I can try and go back in and update the tab with all the correct bends.

Here’s from my original lesson vid:

1st Phrase:

8+ (tyuh tyuh) 8- 7+ 7+ 8+(tyuh) 8- 7+ 8- 7+ 6-(oh-ee-oh) 5-

6-(oi) 7+

“Can I play?”

2nd Phrase: 7+ 7+ 8- 8+(tyuh, tyuh) 9+ 8+(tyuh) 8+(tuh-ee) 7+ 8-
8+(tyuh) 7+

“Can I PLAY?”

3rd Phrase: 7+(ta ta) 8+(toh-ee ta) 9+(toh-ee-ta) 8+(toh-ee)

7+(ta ta) 8+(toh-ee ta) 9+(toh-ee-ta) 8+(toh-ee-ta) 9+(tyuh) 9- 9-
8+(tyuh) 7+ 8+(tuh-ee) 7+

4th Phrase: 10+(tyuah) 9+(ta ta teyuh) 9- 8+(h)

10+(tyuh) 9+(tyuh) 9+(tuh-ee) 8+ 9-(tyuh) 8+(tyuh ta) 7+

Rock on,

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