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Hello, I am new to this course and have no musical knowledge at all, other than I might be able to name a few tunes! Hence my user name!

To be honest, it has taken some courage to get this far. I had hearing problems when young, and as a result would be told to stop singing in junior school class because I was badly out of tune and apparently was putting everybody off. Hearing problems were sorted out many years ago, but the experience in class has marked me, ie a fear of learning music in any form.

Who knows how this will turn out? There again, with some hard work, why shouldn’t I do ok? I won’t be naturally gifted, but I will crawl along and get there, hopefully. I’m still scared stiff at this stage, but I need to get over this.

I used to stutter even as a young adult, and amazingly conquered that by entering a public speaking competition. Weird, but effective. I conquered my fears and that’s what I need to do now.


Welcome to the forum @Scared_stiff
The course is good. You will be fine enjoy the journey


Evening all,

I’ve been going back and forth about 6 months, but finally signed up for Beginner to Boss. I played just enough guitar in the 90s to get my wife to notice me, but was never too good. I’m a bagpiper now, which I’ve noticed messes with my harp learning (I’m used to the sound never stopping, so I don’t stop to breathe, well, at all lol). I’ve got a long term goal (9 years or so) of being able to sit in with some bar bands once I’m retired on a beach somewhere, with a focus on blues and tone development. I’m also a total gear nerd, so looking forward to learning about and building my own kit too.



Dude, forget that teacher. I was told I was tone deaf in high school, had a girlfriend berate me for even trying to be a musician in college, etc. I’m not selling out stadiums or anything, but I will say playing music on the side has paid for itself over the years. You got this.



Hey, cool, you’ve done well. Thanks for your encouragement, it did help me and it has got me started on the course.


That’s a great goal and I’m sure you will get there, despite the ongoing notes of the bagpipes! It will be great having the flexibility to play all three instruments. I can’t imagine that playing the bagpipes is easy at all. Some people can’t stand the bagpipes but personally I love them. Whether it’s a lone Scottish bagpiper or a mass band, the bagpipes somehow seem to create a spine tingling atmosphere. Maybe it’s to do with the history and the kilt and full tartan etc, I don’t know. Of course, you maybe miles away from Scotland and playing another form of bagpipes, but they will sound awesome.
Good luck with your harp playing.


Greetings! My name is Paul and I’m completely new to the harmonica, but looking forward to getting started! In the past, I’ve learned to play many instruments, but for some reason, I was always intimidated by the harmonica! Just seemed so daunting… BUT after discovering your website and watching a few of your (Luke’s) videos, you make the impossible seem actually do-able or attainable. Very exciting!!

I also have to admit that I’ve always been envious those folks that just carry their instruments around in their pocket, play them whenever they want, and always seem to have a blast, whether playing seriously or just messing around!

After watching your reviews and doing some research, I struggled with which harmonica to purchase. It was a tough decision, so I ended up buying a Special 20 and a Lee Oskar!! They are both awesome! Thanks for the great reviews and advice. I also figure, like guitars, you can never have too many harmonicas… So, I also ended up getting a MB Crossover, as well… At this point, I’m all in and looking forward to getting started!! Thank you!!


Welcome to the forum @pnicholas1967 !

I made the exact same initial purchases! Lol. One needs to figure out what they like.


Hello @pnicholas1967,
welcome! I have to smile at your performance :blush:. You’ve understood the principle of the harp and respect for this little thing can’t hurt.
And yes, it’s true, you CAN never have enough harps. You can ask someone who doesn’t play the harp whether you MUST have them. :wink:

I wish you all here in the forum a Happy New Year!

Greetings from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Hi, my name is Gilbert, 78 year old trying to learn a great sounding instrument. I’ve looked through the first few lessons and see this course is definitely what I need. Thanks Luke for putting this together.


Welcome to the forum @gtlharmonica !


Thanks for the advice. I removed the plates and inspected the reeds. The reed looks center, and I didn’t see any burrs on the reed or plate. I adjusted the reed up a little and was able to get faint whistle. Then I adjusted a little more trying to find the sweet spot, no luck with that yet. I’m going to work with it a little more. I’ll let y’all know what it goes.


I got it to make a sound with a whisper of air and normal breath but still doesn’t sound right. Here’s the best video I found on reed gaps Improve Your Harmonicas - Reed Gaps - YouTube

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Man you’ve got to be good if you call yourself “Magic Dick”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey @DoctorG glad you’re liking the vids. So happy to have you here in the forum. Here’s my belated welcome to you (sorry took a paternity leave in December.)

Cool song, it is in 1st position.

I’ll see if I can find time to tab it out once I get all caught up. Rock on!

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Have fun, learn blow and draw control, play along with music, build up your confidence. And you tube has great music teachers in their midst. It is just A-G, and just repeats, in octaves higher or lower notes. Here from Harmonica for dummies, try them all and listen to see if you can tell?

Four basic types of chords #4 is removed augmented, no augmented on a c diatonic

Four types of triads exist, each with different interval qualities:

A major triad has a major third and a perfect fifth. 

Your C-harmonica has two major triads: the C major triad
formed by the blow notes anywhere on the harp and the G major triad in Draw 1 through 4.

A minor triad has a minor third and a perfect fifth. 

Your C-harmonica has one minor triad in two places: the D minor triad in
Draw 4, 5, and 6 and in Draw 8, 9, and 10.

A diminished triad has a minor third and a
diminished fifth.
Your C-harmonica has one diminished triad in two places:
the B diminished triad in Draw 3, 4, and 5 and again in Draw 7, 8, and 9.

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Hi Luke,
I brought your Beginner to Boss lessons for my 72 bday on New Year’s Eve 2022! I’m really enjoying your teaching, and I’m using a Hohner Golden Melody, which my wife bought be 10 years ago that laid dormant till now. Anyway, thanks for your laid back and very positive and encouraging way of teaching. Very helpful. I’m also teaching myself guitar – a 10 year project so far. I love music and always seemed too busy while working to dedicate myself to learning an instrument. I’m headed in the right direction. To the young ones out there – stick with it. Don’t wait till you’re a senior citizen to pick up an instrument. :I)


@Evan.meiskin welcome to the forum my friend. Glad you’re digging the course and getting addicted. Can’t think of better addiction. Happy to ave you here my friend.

@Ghartrum - welcome to the forum my friend. Yeah, Low Rider is a great place to start working on single notes, assuming you’ve already developed great fundamentals as described here:

@Murray - yes this is perfectly normal problem that beginners experience. These are the tips for a getting good -2:

1.) Let gravity lower your jaw so that it’s totally relaxed and in a nice “aw” vowel shape, your teeth should be far apart from each other

2.) Keep the back of your tongue down, like it is when you yawn. Make sure it’s not in the “Kk” zone (how your tongue is when you say a “Kk” consonant.)

3.) Nice steady, GENTLE, airflow. Most beginners (and many intermediate and advanced players) use WAY to much pressure.

@daniel.annable2 Welcome! Can’t wait to hear how you like the course…

@Scared_stiff - Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I’m SO EXCITED to have you here in the course. This is the perfect course for you.

I’ll tell you a quick story. In my first marriage my wife was physically and verbally abusive and one thing she always told me was that I was a TERRIBLE SINGER. Before we married I used to sing ALL THE TIME. I became petrified of singing. After divorce I decided to start again. Like you with the public speaking competition, I decided to go to an open mic. My first open mic I was SCARED STIFF. Now I sing ALL THE TIME again.

I’m looking forward to hearing YOUR story in 6 months or a year!!!

@frpelanek - welcome to the forum. I’m so excited that you decided to join the course. Can’t wait to hear about your experience. You’ll be sitting in with bands for sure!

@pnicholas1967 - congrats on getting the course and 2 AWESOME harmonica. Yes, I agree with your philosophy! I’m so honored to be part of your journey, and can’t wait to hear how it goes for ya…

@gtlharmonica - welcome to the course! I look forward to seeing you around!

@pmmudgett - thanks for all of your kind words and I’m so happy that you’re making good use of that Golden Melody now! Thanks for your advice to the young ones. Although we have many students in there 80’s and even 90’s who think YOU’RE still young!! :wink:

I love this forum. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!! :raised_hands:t3:


Thanks all.
Absolutely loving the course.
I sing solo gigs (small bars) but always feel a but of a fraud using backing tracks.
I’m hoping that with persistence, I can bust out some harmonica riffs in the future!
I’m definitely in the right place though to learn


Hello @pmmudgett,
welcome to us and have fun learning the harp.
The Golden Melody is a wonderful harp! It will go with you for a long time, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. I have the Golden Melody in C major and G major.

Your words about age at the start of learning are spot on. It’s never too late to start learning and playing! Better late than never! But it gets harder! Respect for starting now!
I started when I was 58.5 years old. I’ll be 60 this year and not only want to learn to read harp music, but also to finally learn to read music notes. It feels good to me and like a new language.
I can really feel new synapses forming in my brain… :grin:

Let’s move on! Have fun and good luck! And stay relaxed, even when things get stuck :wink:.

Best regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:

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