Introduce Yourself!

Thanks so much! I’ll give it a shot and report back…this course and crowd is so cool!!!


welcome to the forum, Jack @jackcardone28 !!


The tabs are pretty accurate…thanks, toogdog! And which website do you use to find tabs to songs?


Hi, everyone…don’t know if I’m doing this correctly, but just wanted to introduce myself to the group. My name is John, but everyone calls me Jack. I live in upstate New York (Adirondack Park), and I’m just starting out with the harmonica and I used to play a bit of guitar but arthritis in my hands kinda took that away, so I picked up a harmonica and find I’m loving it! It’s not easy, but at least I’m staying musical…and with the cold and snow up here, that’s important! Anyway, glad to e-meet you all…hope we can talk soon. Oh, and I’m playing a Hohner Special 20 at the moment.


Me again @jackcardone28 :slightly_smiling_face:.
Welcome Jack!
With the Hohner Special 20 you have already made a very good choice! Not only because the harp, like me, comes from Germany. No, like the (old) Golden Melody, it’s one of my favorites.
As you write, it can also be very cold in upstate New York. You probably already know it from playing the guitar, the harp always has to be lukewarm at the beginning!
I always keep mine in my jacket or trouser pocket beforehand and warm it up since I keep it in the bedroom. You’re not only doing your harp a favor by doing this, you’re doing yourself a favor as well, as it’s easier to play.

Usually you will get one or more answers to your questions within a few hours.
Please don’t get impatient, but we come from everywhere with a corresponding time difference.

Have fun with us!

Bye, bye wishes Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Hello to the forum community. I decided it’s time to get some lessons hopefully upgrading my skills and knowledge. I’ve been “playing around” for 56 years but was in “blue’s retirement” (out of the club scene) for 35 - just playing in my car. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, play blues, jazz & more, and use Suzuki harps almost exclusively. In 2021, thinking the pandemic was on the way out, I called some friends and recorded a blues CD of my originals titled “She Knocks Me Out” - 15 songs and 15 musicians - my ‘Debut at 72’. Timing is everything. I have boxes of CD’s to sell at gigs but still not gigging! Lessons? As a teenager I was around a lot of great blues and jazz guys and had three harmonica mentors - James Cotton, Junior Wells, and Louis Myers - who provided a great jump start. I haven’t been playing in clubs for three pandemic filled years so it’s time now for a little more structured learning so I can dust off the rust and get back out there with something fresh and improved.
Further On Up the Road ,


Hi Folks -

I live in Central California.

I’m new to this forum and website.

I bought a harmonica in the early 1980s, learned one song, then set it aside. I had a lot going on at the time: full-time work plus part-time grad school, sports, etc., and my hobbies were all having difficulty competing for time in my schedule.

Today, I acquired a Hohner Special 20.

Now that I’m retired, I hope to stay with the harmonica for the long term.

I love the sound of harmonica played by someone who is competent, esp blues harmonica.

I see that there are some lessons available through this site, and I plan to try the Free Beginner Lessons this week.

So, please wish me luck with this ‘renewed’ hobby!


P.S. Is there anyone here who might be able to give me a hint regarding the Hohner Tuning Chart at

I can’t figure out what the red / grey / black / salmon / etc colors in the chart mean. Probably, the answer is painfully obvious and I’m being dense.


Hi welcome.


Hi Ralph @Elderly_Beginner

The colors separate the pitches into octave groups.

Welcome to the forum.

– Slim :sunglasses:


Thanks, toodog!


Thanks , Slim!!


@jackcardone28 welcome to the forum my friend! “Harpooners” I like that lol! So glad to have you here and glad that @toogdog got you pointed to - always a good place to start when looking for tabs for songs. 5 days in and already working on single notes? Dang man you’re going fast! Welcome.

@BnT Nice to meet you. How cool you made your first album at 72! What great mentors you’ve had. The Bay Area was such a different vibe back then, eh? Good for you for wanting to continue to learn and up your game. Further on up the road!

@Elderly_Beginner I love your username, lol. Congrats on getting the special 20 and on your renewed commitment to this amazing instrument. Best of luck to you! Keep us posted with any questions you bump against.


Luke, thank you for the kind reply and offer (re: questions)!


Didn’t see how to start a thread so I’m just replying to introduce myself.
I’ve been playing for decades mostly as an add-on to add some colour to other instruments. I play with a rack while playing bass. Cross-harp mostly. Wanted to get on a forum to get suggestions on what harp for certain songs.


Hi Luke, Craige from Western Australia. Also known as ‘Papa Curly’ to some (sounds like a Harmonica Player now that I think about it) My entire blood line is bereft of musical talent but I’m trying to teach myself to play the harmonica. I have Special 20s in G and D. Your video on Heart of Gold is brilliant and I’m doing Ok with that. Would love to learn Long May You Run also but cant find a good tutorial for that .


Hello. Glad to be part of the group.
And I have a question to get things started.
I have an old amp leftover from the days when I started learning bass.
As I have always loved blues harp, I finally decided (at age 64) to learn how to play one. Obviously, lessons, practise and patience are the next steps.
After starting by buying C and A harps, the next move is buying a decent harp mic (e.g., Shure 520 DX).
Can I play through the bass amp, or should I look around, for example, for a small harp amp?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Hello @BumblebeeSlim,
welcome to us and to the harp!
Since the Shure 520 DX (bike lamp) is equipped with a 6.3 mm jack plug, it should work! I assume your bass amp also has this input? I don’t know about bass guitars!
Other microphones such. B. the Shure SH55 II or Harp SE Electronics Harp Blaster HB52, you need an XLR connection on the amplifier.

Regards Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


Hello Astrid,
Thank you so much for reply and providing useful tips.
Yes, the amp does have 6.3 mm jack.
And I’ll certainly take a closer look at your mic suggestions.
Keep swingin’


Hello. My name is Bryant Grizzell and I’m looking forward to learning all I can from these lessons. I’ve played guitar for many years but want to expand my musical endevours. Thanks.