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Hey @alessandro I’ve been so blessed by all your astute questions about rhythm inside the course, so VERY happy to see you here so that everyone can benefit from future conversations.

Hey @laosfois congrats on taking the leap of faith! Can’t wait to hear how your journey unfolds. Welcome to the forum! :raised_hands:t3:

Hey @jllevine1 welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting this question. I was wondering if Tom Petty played harmonica on any songs besides You Don’t Know How it Feels and Last Dance with Mary Jane (those are both such epic harmonica riffs) and now I can add Fault Lines. I’ll start another post on the subject, but seems like he’s playing a Low F# harmonica in 3rd position. The chord is -456. And the lick played with guitar around 2:30 is:
-4 -5 -6 -6’ -6 -5 -4
-4 -5 -6 -6’ -6 -6
-4 -5 -6 -6’ -6 -5 -4
-4 -5 6 -6 -5 -4

Hey Pake - yes what a great way to start playing the blues! I LOVE your story. So fun to get to hear some of it. My mom is a Buddhist priest and I was raised around running around (and occasionally sitting inside) dojos including one in Japan for 6 months when I was in 2nd grade.

I love harmonica in Reggae music. You’ll have to check out the vid I just posted on Natural Mystic if you haven’t seen it already.


Hi laosfois,
Welcome to the Forum! I’ve just completed the Beginner to Boss course, starting as a complete novice. I’m sure you will enjoy the course!

Keep on harping!!!


Hello, new to the forum and harmonicas. In my free time I like to camp and spend time outdoors. Once you get settled there is often lots of downtime when camping and had been thinking about various ways to pass the time from games to carving to musical instruments and I realized that I have always like the sound of a bluesy harmonica and what could be more portable and fun than that? I ordered a very budget friendly Fender blues deluxe that has not yet arrived but I am already searching for learning resources and that is how I found myself here. Once I get fairly decent with the Fender I plan to purchase a Special 20 with blue comb and cover plates from Blue Moon. Kinda picturing a blue on blue color scheme so if anyone has one like that already I’d love to see pics. Glad to be here.


Love the rhyme in your name ! :star_struck:


Welcome to the forum, @CampfireVampire !


Thank you


@CampfireVampire welcome to the forum my friend. Ya, you can’t find a more portable instrument. PERFECT for camping! GOOD CALL! Let us know how we can help ya. :facepunch:t3::sunglasses:


Thanks man.

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Hi everyone! My name is John, and I’m starting the Beginner to Boss course and love it. Luke presents everything in a very learnable style. From the first lesson on how to put the harmonica in your mouth I knew I was on the right track. I love most genres of music depending what mood I’m in, so it seems like the harmonica is the perfect instrument. I’m a late bloomer, retired, and ready to learn as much as I can. I have a Hohner Golden Melody C harp that sounds great and doesn’t rip out my moustache . I’m open to suggestions on other brands in other keys that would be as gentle but not as expensive. Thanks!


Welcome to the forum, John @jrquints23 !


Hi, I am Eric. Funny thing. I have been trying to learn harmonica on my own for the last couple of years off and on. I found your site and signed up. I am super stoked. The funny thing is I found out my special 20 was assembled backward. The high note was 1 and low was 10. It was not until I started watching you that I realized it. (books do not explain it believe it or not :smiley: ) Anyway, happy to be here!


Welcome to the forum, Eric @schafer704 !


Hi I don’t know where else to turn but my I guess Uncle in law passed away And he has a lot of harmonicas that we are trying to sell do you know anyone that buys hermanica’s probably from the sixties

@jrquints23 -Hey John - so happy to have you here my friend!

@schafer704 Wow! I remember responding to your comment inside the BTB course and I was kinda scratching my head as I read your question, lol. This makes it all clear! First time I ever heard of that happening. Thanks for joining the forum. Very happy to have you here!

@Browneyes87 You’re welcome to post a photo of them here, there may be someone interested, but your best options are probably Ebay or Reverb.


Hi, Greg here. I’ve been busking at Discovery Pier in Campbell River on Vancouver Island for the past five years (acoustic guitar). I haven’t played harmonica in decades, but yesterday I heard Neil Young playing, Long May You Run. I checked it out. He’s playing in D, so I figure I need a D harp. Many of my songs are in A, folky, so I’m guessing an A harp is good.
A couple of years ago, my son called me from Bogota. He had an A harp with him. I played Spider and the Fly in E. He played along, thousands of miles away. Cool, eh? Why there was no time delay over the air waves baffles me. Anyway, I’m thinkin’, buy an A harp, and buy a G harp, and a neck brace thingy. Any advice?


Welcome to the forum, @Greg1 !


Welcome to the forum @Greg1 so happy to have you here!

Yes you are correct, you’ll need a D harp and a harmonica holder and you’ll be good to add Long May You Run to your repertoire.

G harp would be a great idea as well for Heart of Gold and if you’re doing any other folksy repertoire in the key of G.

Rock on my friend!


Hey, harpooners! My name is JOHN but nobody calls me that except my grandma…everyone else calls me Jack. I live way upstate in New York (Adirondack mountains). Just started Beginner to Boss about 5 days ago and loving it! Trying to learn single notes…tough to be consistent. Anyway, does anyone know what notes/tabs the song “Ashoken Farewell” uses? It’s the main song on Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary soundtrack. It’s played mostly on violin, but I think it’d be beautiful on the harp. Let me know if you do…much appreciated. Harp on, Garth!


Song:An Instrumental only
Slow with great feeling
6-6 -7 7 -7 -6 6 5
-4 5 -5 5 -4 4 3 4
3 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 -9 8 -8
6 -6 -7 7 -7 -6 6 5
-4 5 -5 5 -4 4 3 4
3 3 4 5 6 7
5 -4 3 -3 4

This is supposed to be it.
I just searched Ashoken Farewell harptabs. This site is patchy. Some tabs are off but it usually gives you a starting point.
Welcome to the gang!