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Where is NSW are you, I’m Manly Beach area.

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I am a very newbie beginner. I have always loved the bluesy sound of the harmonica and have wanted to learn to play but never seemed to be able to dedicate the time for learning and practice. Since I had covid I have had difficulty breathing so… here I go. One of the very difficut techniques I am experiencing and always have had, is diaphragamatic breathing. Standing in front of a mirror where I can see my diaphragm working seems to be the best method to learn for myself. I have to consciencely work at breath control co-ordination.


Welcome to the forum @K-Train !

Welcome to the forum @LyleHoffman


@bellaandlou1961 welcome to the forum Paul! So glad to have ya here bro.

@ajeckeln Hey Tony glad you came and joined us here. Man, it seems like we’ve got a lot of folks from down under up in here! So cool.

@joshgreiner80 Hey thanks for coming and figuring out the forum. I’d never been a part of one before this, so I’m with ya on the learning curve. So glad you’re digging the course. Yeah, let’s talk about what to do next for sure! But first thing’s first. :wink: The course gets A LOT more challenging at the end!!

@K-Train wow you ain’t messing around man. The people who turned you onto the harmonica are like some of the best of the BEST! So honored that you chose my course to help establish proper fundamentals, and stoked to have you here in the forum as well!

@LyleHoffman good stuff my friend! YES!! That diaphragmatic breathing will have all kinds of benefits for you besides just playing harmonica! Awesome. :sunglasses:

So happy to welcome some new “faces” to the forum. Rock on!



Huey Lewis is actually a pretty good harmonica player. In fact, he was mainly inspired by Paul Butterfield.



I know Huey Lewis said, “For me, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band was sort of my inspiration.” I took that as “sort of” wanting his band to have that musical originality, drive, and virtuoso musicianship and vocals.

Paul Butterfield, as a harmonica player, “inspired” quite a range of players - from Jean Jacques Milteau, Howard Levy, Mark Hummel, William Clarke, and Mickey Raphael to Ian Gillan, David Lee Roth, John Popper, Robert Plant, Dan Ackroyd, and possibly Huey Lewis. Clearly, being inspired by the same person doesn’t create equal outcomes.

Maybe I just never heard the good stuff Huey Lewis may have done on harmonica. I’ll listen for it.


Huey was in a band called Clover in the mid to late 70s. Clover toured Europe with Thin Lizzy, and Huey would often join Lizzy for a few songs blowing harp. The late, great Phil Lynott became sort of a musical mentor to Huey, they were good friends. Those Clover albums are much more bluesy than the News albums, and Huey really plays great harmonica. I ran into him years ago when I was going to college in New York City. The News was recording at Electric Ladyland and there was a pizza place just down the street. He was very cordial, just a really nice guy.


Hello everyone, I’m a London (UK) based blues harp player. I first learned the instrument 33 years ago as a teenager and joined various bands, busked and performed in competitions etc. I got most of my technique from reading the Tony “Little Sun” Glover book and copying people like Sonny Terry and Sonny Boy Williamson II (among others). Work, relationships and various other distractions got in the way of practising and keeping things going. I’ve recently picked it up again, however. I’m a bit rusty, but the basic technique still seems to be working, including note bending.

As well as playing harmonica, I write fiction too. I’ve written and self-published a comedy play/short story about a harmonica competition I once participated in (a long time ago).


Welcome to the forum, @ralphwindsor !


Hi I am in North Haven (near Port MacQuarie)


Hi, I’m Wendy. My brother passed away in 2021 of COVID. He was my only sibling. While settling his estate I found my Father’s harmonica he bought in Germany in 1951 during the Korean War. I am so determined to learn how to play this instrument and this seems like a really great place to start.


Welcome to the forum, Wendy @bryanwl.wb !

Since your father’s harp is so old and its brass reeds might be brittle and prone to breaking (which can be dangerous), you will be better prepared to learn with a new harmonica (e.g. a Hohner Special 20 or their Marine Band Deluxe). Whatever model you buy, get one in the key of C.

Do not discard the old one. There are experts who can check it for safety, restore it (if necessary) and then you can use it on special occassions.

Best regards,
– Slim :sunglasses:


Hey Luke, DJ here. I happened upon your course as I was thinking about learning an instrument. I am 52 and love music and I have tried piano, guitar and even bagpipes. I don’t know but I’ve never been good at learning an instrument so I figured I would give this a try. I would love to jam in my church band at some point. Quick question. Should I repeat lessons or just go from one to the next as long as they are mastered? Thanks!



Welcome. A few lessons and a lot of practice and you will become central to your church band. Enjoy!



It’s funny how norms change. Back when each of us started (33 and 55 years ago), Tony Glover’s book and copying from records was all there was - no online lessons, “harmonica schools”, YouTube videos, or how to apps. A down side to the old method was you learned each song in the original key - fine for harmonica, but not necessarily your vocal range.

I stopped playing in clubs for 35 years and came out of my “blues retirement” in 2008. I’m sure with a little practice, you’ll soon be back stronger and better than ever.


@BnT I can see the advantages of the newer methods, I might need to check them out. The problem of upsetting your neighbours and other residents of your home while practicing still remains, however!


Hello Everyone,

Happy to be here and excited to learn from everyone! I’ve played harmonica ever since I decided I wanted to be a hobo and ride the rails when I was 12. Trains move too fast so I stuck to the harmonica:) Ive never formally trained (I did subscribe to the “American Harmonica Newsletter” when I was in school in the 90’s) and I am excited to start from the ground up! I am glad I framed some of those old harmonica newsletters though:) Have a great day everyone and as we say in disc golf the most fun wins!!!


Hi all, I’m Raymond from East Belgium. I completed Breakthrough Blues course a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed JP Allen lessons and learned a lot from him. I’m glad to join you all harps enthousiasts ! All the best !


Hello Raymond @raymond.flagothier,
welcome to the club of harp players and those who have just discovered this wonderful little thing.

You seem to be making good progress! Natural talent, already good prior knowledge through music and strong will in you? :smiley:
In any case, congratulations on completing your Breakthrough Blues course!

I think you’re the first from beautiful Belgium :belgium:.
Here we are networked worldwide. A few come from Germany, like me.:slightly_smiling_face:

Keep having fun!

Best Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:


@ralphwindsor great story man, so happy that you’ve joined our forum. Rock on! :sunglasses: Also, regarding bothering neighbors, I’ve always sought refuge inside a car in the evening, and I’ve never had anyone hear me and complain. Just an idea. It’s important for us to be able to practice in a place where we feel free to sound bad as we’re exploring things. We have to sound bad before we can sound good!
@bryanwl.wb I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad you’ve decided to pick up this amazing instrument, and I pray it brings you much joy and comfort and a sense of connection to your brother and your father.
@darryln29 Welcome to the forum DJ! I love your goal to play at church and am confident you can achieve it. You got this! :facepunch:t3: The cool thing about a self-paced course is YOU’RE THE BOSS. Whatever keeps you most inspired. You can always go back and review lessons. Many people do the whole course, and then go back to lesson 1 and do the whole thing again, and say they get much more out of it the second time.
@mothrows Welcome to the forum! I think I read to much Jack Kerouac and had the same ideas as you in my youth. I did actually play and live on the streets for about a year and hitchhiked across the country. But I’m happy to play in more comfortable scenarios these days! :joy: Most fun wins! :+1:t3:
@raymond.flagothier Hi Raymond from East Belgium! Congrats on finishing JP’s course and welcome to the forum. So glad to have ya here!